Goodyear launches competitively priced, easy to fit tubeless tyres

The new range of ultra-high performance tubeless tyres can be fitted with just a hand pump

Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport
(Image credit: Goodyear)

Goodyear has released a new set of tubeless tyres that can be fitted with a handpump.

The line up of four new tyres also includes tan wall clinchers, all weather tyres and entry level options increasing the cycling offering by Goodyear significantly.

Headlining the launch is the Tubeless Complete series. The tyres gain all the well-known benefits of being tubeless ready, but, according to Goodyear, will also better maintain inflation pressure than a traditional tubeless ready option provides.

Hand pump compatible

The most important take away here is Goodyear's claim of the ability to install the Tubeless Complete tyres using just a hand pump. It's a big deal for most cyclists, and something that prevents many riders converting.

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"Goodyear have been working on the tyres for a while, and in fact nearly launched them three years ago at the same time that the Eagle F1's landed" said David Chamberlain, Goodyear brand manager at UK distributer Paligap

"But Goodyear weren't happy with the seal, so they went back to the drawing board and developed the Dual Angle Bead."

The bead that Chamberlain refers to simply adds an additional section of rubber to create a better seal with the rim bed for what Goodyear believe is a superior air retention system, compatible with both tubeless crotchet and tubeless straight sidewall type rims.

Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport Tubless Complete

The Tubeless Complete range of tyres can be fitted just using a hand pump
(Image credit: Goodyear)

Goodyear also says that by adding a multi-compound materials layer also helps improved air retention while providing additional puncture and cut protection at the same time. This does add around 70g per tyre weight-wise, but at around a claimed 275g per 25c tyre, it's on a par with Vittoria Corsa tubeless options.

Affordable Tyres

"The other important area for Goodyear was making their tyres accessible," continued Chamberlain, "we monitored the prices of other tubeless tyres for both what they retailed at and what they sold at, and wanted to ensure we could deliver an option at what riders could actually afford, without reducing the margin to bike shops, so if anything Goodyear have taken the hit over shops or consumers".

The range of Goodyear Ultra High-Performance tyres now stretches to seven in total, with sizes measuring between 23c and 32c depending on the version and all using a 120tpi casing.

Goodyear Eagle F1

Goodyear Eagle F1 Tan

Goodyear Eagle F1 with tan side wall
(Image credit: Goodyear)

The F1 is now has been around for over three years now, and carries the name of the American brand's high-end sports tyres, pitching them on par performance wise, with Goodyear badging them as the all-round road race road tyre.

Already available as a standard clincher, the range now gains Tubeless Complete versions.  Both feature the brand's Graphene Silica Road compound, which Goodyear says provides an additional 10.1 per cent of rolling efficiency, eight per cent of improved traction and 7.2 per cent wear over a non-graphene tyre.

A tan sidewall option is new for 2020, but currently only available in the clincher due to it's porous nature. A Tubeless Complete tan option will potentially be available soon.

Available in sizes 23c to 32c, and weighing between a claimed 195g for the 23c to 260g for 32c for the tube type clincher, to 275g for 25c to 340g for the 32c in the Tubeless Complete (no 23c tyre available).

Prices range from £45 for the tan versions, to £55 for the largest sizes in the Tubeless Complete variety, with the average price around £50 per tyre.

Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport

Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport(1)

Eagle F1 Supersport come in standard clinchers and Tubeless Complete options.
(Image credit: Goodyear)

The F1 Supersport is a lightweight ultra-high performance tyre focused specifically on racing, time trials, and triathlon competition.

The rolling resistance should be less, and weight drops to 180g for the 23c, 205g for the 28c clincher, and 255g for the 25c and 280g for the 28c Tubeless Complete tyres. They will however be slightly more vulnerable to punctures, making the Tubeless Complete versions at £50 per tyre a very viable option.

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons

Goodyear Eagle Vector 4 Seasons

Vector 4 Seasons is designed for wet weather riding.
(Image credit: Goodyear)

Totally new to the Ultra High-Performance range are the Vector 4Seasons tyres. According to Goodyear these have been specifically developed with enhanced anti-cut bead to bead protection, wet grip and a longer life.

Goodyear says that over the Dynamic: GSR (Graphene Silica Road) compound the Dynamic: Silica4 and 4-season tread cap - which offers a larger contact patch for improved grip - offers an additional 8.7 per cent wet grip, a 6.3 per cent abrasion resistance and a 1.1 per cent compound puncture resistance.

Available in sizes 25c to 32c in both tyres, the weight does increase over the Eagle range with a 25c clincher weighing 250g, and 285g for the 32c in the same model, while a Tubeless Complete starts at 290g for a 25c tyre and 360g for a 32c tyre.

The Vector 4 Seasons start at £47 and reach up to £52 for the two largest sizes.

Goodyear Eagle Sport

Goodyear Eagle Sport

Eagle Sport is an entry level all rounder.
(Image credit: Goodyear)

The Sport is Goodyear's entry level tyre, designed to be an all-round road sport level tyre with good durability. Featuring Dynamic:Pace for longer wear and anti-puncture characteristics. The 60tip casing tyre is available in clincher only in sizes 25c, 28c and 30c weighing between 250g and 300g and costing just £20 for either size.

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