Oreka Training 05: the off-grid smart turbo trainer launched

No power source, no problem... the Oreka 05 direct drive turbo harnesses your own electricity.

Best known for its distinctive bike treadmill, Oreka has developed its first compact turbo trainer which requires no mains electricity.

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The Spanish brand also continue their 'ergodynamic' specialism by engineering side-to-side movement in the direct drive turbo trainer. According to Oreka this results in a trainer that provides 'dynamic freedom of movement and a reduction of muscle overloads and injuries due to spending hours in a static position'.


Oreka Training 05 turbo trainer

The Oreka 05 direct drive turbo is completely plug-less.
(Image credit: Oreka)

The Oreka 05 turbo trainer harnesses the energy created by the rider to drive a generator rather than using mains or battery provided electricity to power a motor - think 'festival smoothy making bike'. This energy is then used to control the resistance either via the Oreka Training app, which requires no internet connection once downloaded, or third party virtual training software, such as Zwift, Rouvey, etc.

Oreka say that as the functional resistance is produced by a magnetic field which is regulated and adjusted automatically, increasing or decreasing the current that passes through the unit requires no maintenance or calibration, allowing you to focus completely on your workout.

The turbo is capable of measuring up to a claimed 2000 watts with a maximum incline replication of 25%. There are two power simulation options to choose from, based on either speed or specific power. The Fixed Speed automatically regulates the resistance depending on the workout/ virtual route you've selected, making it harder when riding up hill and easier downhill. Alternatively, when riding Fixed Power mode, the software estimates power based on speed and resistance, enabling you to ride a constant fixed power for the duration of your workout/ virtual route.

The direct drive component of the turbo trainer is top hung from the base on a pivot and then side supported by dual air suspension legs (one each side). These are the parts that allow the rider an element of free lateral movement. Oreka say that the air dampers are fully adjustable, making the 05 trainer versatile in terms of rider weight and riding style, the greater the pressure (bar), the greater the rigidity of the system.

Oreka Training 05 turbo trainer

Removable wheels to make the Oreka Training 05 turbo trainer portable.
(Image credit: Oreka)

Unlike Oreka's Bikemill, the 05 turbo trainer is significantly more mobile with removable trundle wheels, and collapsable legs, making the claimed 30kg unit easier to move, and travel with. Thanks to the complete off-grid option, it could become a go to set up for race warm up or training away from home.

The Oreka Training 05 turbo trainer is available to pre-order via the brand's website. Although prices are still to be confirmed, Oreka say that it will be in the region of other comparable turbo trainers such as the  Tacx Neo, Elite Drivo and Wahoo Kickr, which currently retail in the region of £800 - £1000.


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