Silver is back according to Zipp with new component finish

Classic silver is the way forward for its entry point Service Course components

Walk into a bike shop and wander over to the component cabinets and guaranteed you will see a complete sea of black components from all manner of brands. But what if you have a hankering for something a bit more 'classic'?

Zipp has had the same thought and has announced it is bringing silver back with the latest Service Course BSS (Bar, Stem and Seatpost) range. So now you can have another choice for finishing off your new machine.

Rather than focus this new colour scheme on it's top-end SL or Service Course SL ranges, Zipp has opted to bring it to it's high-value Service Course range first. Alongside the eye-catching silver finish you will also note that Zipp has revamped it's iconic logo to something a little more angular and modern.

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The Service Course 70 XPLR aims to help you go faster by placing your body, starting with your hands, in an optimal “comfort zone” position for hours of rough riding over mixed terrain.

Today’s riders demand a few things out of their cockpit, whether they are doing a two hour training ride from home or a 200 mile gravel adventure: comfort, control, and the ability to carry what they need. Zipp says it has met these needs by creating a handlebar with shallow and wide drops, specifically focusing on two crucial metrics—outsweep and flare.


  • Distinctive silver finish
  • Bar drops provide a wider, balanced, and secure position with drops that are about 6cm wider than the hoods position for technical or intense riding.
  • The 70 XPLR also features an ergonomic top with an extended 100mm clamping area for computer mounts, aero-extensions, bags, and whatever else you may need for the long haul.
  • 42, 44, 46cm width options
  • £54.00


Zipp's shortest and shallowest handlebar comes with a flattened ergonomic top section. A new variable radius drop, matching the carbon SL-70 Ergo, allows for multiple hand positions when riding in the drops. This provides comfortable hand positions for riders who like to reach down to the drops, as well as for riders who reach in.

The ergonomic flat top now has a 3° backsweep for wrist comfort. A 10° ramp angle provides a perfect transition from bars to hoods. The bar is also drilled to be Di2® RS910 junction compatible


  • Distinctive silver finish
  • 6061 aluminium for light weight and durability
  • 70mm reach and 128mm drop for a short-low position
  • Flattened top shape to better fit the hand
  • Clip-on compatible (not 38cm option)
  • 38-44cm width options
  • £54.00


The new Service Course 80 Ergo bars retain the same 80mm reach and 125mm drop of the existing Service Course 80 bars, perfect for a rider looking for a medium reach and shallow drop who likes reaching down to, rather than into, the drops.

New is the flattened bar top and a 3° backsweep for a neutral wrist position on the tops. The bars feature a 7° ramp angle for a flat transition to the hoods and a 4° outsweep at the drops. In addition to the ergonomic benefits, the Service Course 80 Ergo is Zipp's first ergo bars to be clip-on compatible.


  • Distinctive silver finish
  • 6061 aluminium
  • 80mm reach and 125mm drop for a medium-high position
  • Flattened top shape to better fit the hand
  • 3° backsweep for wrist comfort
  • Short reach to brake levers
  • Clip-on Compatible
  • Flat transition to hoods
  • Di2®RS910 junction compatible
  • 315g (42cm width)
  • 38-44cm width options
  • £54.00


This bar provides comfortable and efficient positions on the tops or hoods or that aero and efficient position in the drops. The bar allows a neutral wrist position on the drops and a flat brake hood transition for the athlete even while riding with a more upright position. Drops are angled outward by 4 degrees to reduce wrist strain. Named after its 80mm reach, that brings the hoods and control levers back where you want them, while keeping the drops close.


  • Distinctive silver finish
  • 6061 Aluminium
  • 80mm Reach
  • 125mm drop
  • Round top
  • Clip Compatible
  • 38-44cm width options
  • £54.00


A secure, low-profile clamp allows the saddle to slide farther back along the rails. The unique clamp design also features downward-facing bolt heads that allow micro-adjustment of the saddle even after it is mounted. For high strength, low weight, and efficient use of every gram, the shaft and head are not bonded but are 3D-forged from 6061 aluminium.


  • Available in 0mm or 20mm offset
  • 27.2mm or 31.6mm diameters
  • 350mm length
  • £50.00


The Service Course Stem’s new shape and 3D-forged construction results in an improved stiffness-to-weight-ratio of 1.75g/nm. The stem design, along with its clean new graphics, also complement the aesthetics of modern frames. Made from 6061 aluminium, the stem resists flexing during sprints and accelerations.


  • ±6° and 25° rise stem available
  • ±6° available in 60-130mm length options
  • 25° in 75, 90, 105 or 120mm
  • Torx bolts throughout
  • New faceplace and body geometry for greater stiffness and easier installation
  • £50.00

All components are now listed on Zipp's website ( All parts should be available from your local Zipp dealer to buy very soon.

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