SiS launches new protein powder

Ensuring you consume post-ride protein within a 30 minute window is crucial for recovery. Sports nutrition brand Science in Sport (SiS) has announced a new protein powder that offers a reliable and convenient source of your post-ride protein

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Post workout recovery is crucial if you want to improve.  Protein is essential for repairing and rebuilding your body. The new product’s formulation is claimed to provide a source of rapidly digestible protein through a blend of high quality whey protein isolate and concentrate. The amino acid profile is claimed to support lean muscle growth.


SiS Chocolate Whey in a 1Kg Tub

Sir Chris Hoy is a consultant for SiS protein products and commented: “No matter what you are training for, nutrition is key to performance. You need a product you can trust, that’s why I use SiS. Throughout my career, protein has been a key element of my training regime and I’m pleased to work with SiS on the new SiS Protein range.”

SiS Whey Protein 1kg will cost £29.99 and SiS Whey Protein 2kg will cost £54.99. Special introductory prices of £22.49 for 1kg and £41.24 for 2kg will be available on the SiS website. The Protein will be available from the 12th of January as either 1Kg or 2Kg and in four flavours: chocolate, strawberry, banana and vanilla. We look forward to testing this to see how it tastes.