Tour bikes: Cavendish’s Pinarello Dogma 2

TO get his position perfect, Pinarello has made Cav a number of custom frames. Think of it as simply extending the length of the top and down tubes to get a long (54cm c-c top tube), low (50cm c-t seat tube) and stiff machine.

There are rumours that there are a few extra layers of carbon fibre around the major joints too. The mechanics were tight lipped, but it would be pretty straightforward to do, as each of Cav’s frames needs to be built as a one off anyway.

Depending on the stages, we can expect to see the Manx Missile run a variety of wheels. The sponsor correct Shimano C50s are the latest generation with wider rim, stiffer spoking configuration and future proof with their 11-speed compatibility. When it comes to the stages Cav’s in contention on we are more likely to see him rolling on his custom made, tied and soldered, HED rimmed, personal wheels.

Shimano’s component brand Pro has always made signature models for big name riders but the sprint stem was designed for and tested extensively before launch by MC himself. Weight wasn’t a huge factor and its looks belie nothing. It’s no surprise that its seen on the front of many other Pro sponsored sprinters. It’s not just the stem though. The bars are reinforced with internal ribbing along their top section for yet more flex resistance.

Cav likes a big drop between the tops and his sprint position. With the bar as it is, he runs double thickness bar tape along the tops of the bars for an extra couple of mm of height difference – not to mention a bit more comfort. Double hoods on his Shimano Di2 levers continue the extra girth theme. Just visible between the tape layers are the satellite sprint switches.

Being world champ allows for some serious personalisation. As well as the decals on the frame (and stem above) the rainbow band theme continues onto the Elite Custom Race cages.

Cavendish’s signature bar and stem

Mark has made good use of the World Champion stripes