How much prize money did Tom Dumoulin get for winning the Giro d'Italia?

Nice little payday for Dutchman and his Team Sunweb team-mates

Tom Dumoulin wins the 2017 Giro d'Italia
(Image credit: Yuzuru Sunada)

Tom Dumoulin would have woken up a very happy (and probably quite hungover) man on Monday morning, not only because he had won the Giro d'Italia, but also because he'd secured quite a nice payday in the process.

Winning the pink jersey in Milan brought prize money of more than €200,000, split between a €115,668 prize for finishing top of the general classification, and another €90,000 "special" prize that is also awarded for doing exactly the same thing.

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In addition to this, Dumoulin will have also earned a fair bit of money along the way, €9,000 for his nine days in the pink jersey and €33,589 for his various results on individual stages, plus a few hundred euros here and there at mountains and sprints points.

The prize money is usually paid at the end of the season by the race organiser, with the money divided between team riders and staff. However, despite his efforts Dumoulin may not keep much of the prize, with team leaders often giving away most of their winnings as they will receive much more in return through sponsorship and endorsements.