Man who was 'punched' by Nacer Bouhanni gives his side of the story

Albert Kuntz, 57, tells a French newspaper that he was kicked and punched by Nacer Bouhanni before being kicked in the head by his brother

(Image credit: Watson)

The man who was allegedly punched by Cofidis sprinter Nacer Bouhanni ahead of the French National Championships in June says he was also kicked in the head by the rider's brother.

Bouhanni filed a complaint after injuring his hand in the late night altercation in a hotel in Doubs the night before the Nationals, an injury that caused him to miss the Tour de France.

According to the original reports, Bouhanni confronted some drunken hotel guests outside his room in the early hours of the morning before an altercation broke out.

The man who received a punch to the face from Bouhanni, Albert Kuntz, has also filed a complaint, saying that he was punched and kicked by the brothers.

First, according to details revealed by l'Est Républicain newspaper, Bouhanni kicked Kuntz in the legs before punching him in the face. Kuntz then claims the cyclist's brother kicked him in the head.

Bouhanni's injured hand would have come from when he attempted a second punch, according to the interview Kuntz gave to the newspaper.

The sprinter required hospital treatment and later surgery on his hand injury, which ruled him out of the Tour de France.