Olympic Games track cycling schedule revealed

The men's team sprint will open proceedings at the Olympic Games on August 11, with the men's team pursuit gold to be decided on day two

Olympic Rings (Flickr/Department of Culture, Media and Sport)

Philip Hindes and Jason Kenny will be among the first Team GB riders on the track at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games with team sprint qualifiers the opening event of the meeting.

Track cycling begins on August 11, the sixth day of the Games in Brazil, with the men's team sprint the first medal to be decided, with qualifying, first round and finals taking place in the same afternoon.

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Both the men's and women's team pursuit squads will also be in action on August 11, with qualifying taking place. The men will return the following day for round one and the finals, while the women get a day off before returning on August 13.

The men's omnium begins on August 14, culminating the following day, while Laura Trott will defend her omnium gold on August 15 and 16.

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The women's sprint and men's keirin will round out the meeting on August 16.

Rio Olympic Games Track schedule [GMT+4]

Day 6 - August 11
16:00-16:16Men's Team Sprint Qualifying
16:19-17:10Women's Team Pursuit Qualifying
17:10-17:23Men's Team Sprint First Round
17:23-18:19Men's Team Pursuit Qualifying
18:21-18:29Men's Team Sprint Finals
18:35-18:45Men's Team Sprint Victory Ceremony
Day 7 - August 12
16:00-16:14Women's Team Sprint Qualifying
16:14-16:50Men's Sprint Qualifying
16:52-17:17Men's Team Pursuit First Round
17:17-17:28Women's Team Sprint First Round
17:30-17:58Men's Sprint 1/16 Finals
18:00-18:08Women's Team Sprint Finals
18:08-18:18Men's Sprint 1/16 Final Repechages
18:20-18:50Men's Team Pursuit Finals
18:50-19:00Women's Team Sprint Victory Ceremony
19:00-19:10Men's Team Pursuit Victory Ceremony
Session 1
10:00-10:21Women's Keirin First Round
10:23-10:42Men's Sprint 1/8 Finals
10:44-11:05Women's Keirin First Round Repechages
11:07-11:15Men's Sprint 1/8 Final Repechages
11:17-11:40Women's Team Pursuit First Round
Session 2
16:00-16:16Men's Sprint Quarterfinals - Race 1
16:18-16:22Men's Sprint Race for 9th-12th Places
16:22-16:34Women's Keirin Second Round
16:34-16:50Men's Sprint Quarterfinals - Race 2
16:53-17:21Women's Team Pursuit Finals
17:21-17:25Men's Sprint Quarterfinals - Race 3
17:27-17:33Women's Keirin Finals 7-12
17:33-17:39Women's Keirin Finals 1-6
17:41-17:49Men's Sprint Semifinals - Race 1
17:49-17:59Women's Team Pursuit Victory Ceremony
17:59-18:07Men's Sprint Semifinals - Race 2
18:07-18:17Women's Keirin Victory Ceremony
18:17-18:21Men's Sprint Race for 5th-8th Places
18:21-18:25Men's Sprint Semifinals - Race 3
Day 9 - August 14
16:00-16:38Women's Sprint Qualifying
16:40-17:02Men's Omnium 15km Scratch Race
17:04-17:12Men's Sprint Finals - Race 1
17:12-17:40Women's Sprint 1/16 Finals
17:42-17:50Men's Sprint Finals - Race 2
17:50-18:47Men's Omnium 4km Individual Pursuit
18:47-18:51Men's Sprint Finals - Race 3
18:51-19:29Women's Sprint 1/16 Final Repechages
19:29-19:39Men's Sprint Victory Ceremony
19:42-20:00Men's Omnium Elimination Race
Session 1
10:00-10:19Women's Sprint 1/8 Finals
10:21-10:48Men's Omnium : Kilometre time trial
10:50-10:57Women's Sprint 1/8 Final Repechages
10:59-11:17Women's Omnium 10km Scratch Race
Session 2
16:00-16:24Men's Omnium Flying Lap
16:26-16:30Women's Sprint Race for 9th-12th Places
16:30-17:20Women's Omnium 3km Individual Pursuit
17:23-18:15Men's Omnium 40km Points Race
18:17-18:35Women's Omnium Elimination Race
18:35-18:45Men's Omnium Victory Ceremony
Session 1
10:00-10:16Women's Sprint Quarterfinals - Race 1
10:18-10:39Men's Keirin First Round
10:41-10:57Women's Sprint Quarterfinals -Race 2
10:57-11:19Women's Omnium 500m Time Trial
11:19-11:23Women's Sprint Quarterfinals - Race 3
11:25-11:46Men's Keirin First Round Repechages
11:46-11:50Women's Sprint Race for 5th-8th Places
Session 2
16:08-16:00Women's Sprint Semifinals - Race 1
16:36-16:10Women's Omnium Flying Lap
16:44-16:36Women's Sprint Semifinals - Race 2
16:58-16:46Men's Keirin Second Round
17:02-16:58Women's Sprint Semifinals - Race 3
17:42-17:05Women's Omnium 25km Points Race
17:52-17:44Women's Sprint Finals - Race 1
18:02-17:52Women's Omnium Victory Ceremony
18:12-18:04Women's Sprint Finals - Race 2
18:20-18:14Men's Keirin Finals 7-12
18:26-18:20Men's Keirin Finals 1-6
18:30-18:26Women's Sprint Finals - Race 3
18:40-18:30Men's Keirin Victory Ceremony
18:50-18:40Women's Sprint Victory Ceremony

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