Where to watch Tour de France 2019: live TV guide

Where to watch the 2019 Tour de France live on television - Eurosport, ITV4 and S4C schedules

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You can watch the Tour de France 2019 (July 6-28) live on TV, via three different channels - and each will have a highlights package, too.

Eurosport, ITV and Welsh channel S4C are broadcasting live coverage of each stage, in addition to analysis and highlights programmes.

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Live coverage can be found on  ITV4 every day, beginning around midday with Eurosport 1 also showing the racing.

S4C also plays footage live each day at 2pm, aside from the final stage where it'll start at 5pm.

For those not willing watch every minute of the 3,479.3 kilometre race, make sure you're around for the sharp end of stages, with most stages finishing at around 5pm.

There's also highlights programmes going out each evening on Eurosport and ITV4, as well as S4C.

The 2019 Tour kicked off on Saturday, July 6 with a Grand Départ in Brussles. It will conclude in Paris on Sunday July 28.

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Tour de France 2019 TV Guide: live coverage and highlights

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7Friday, July 12ITV4: 10am-4.30pm (live), 7-8pm (highlights)
Eurosport 1:  10am-4.15pm (live), 11.30pm-12.30am (highlights)
S4c: 2pm (live), 9.30-10pm (highlights)
8Saturday, July 13ITV4: 11am-4.45pm (live), 7-8pm (highlights)
Eurosport 1: 10.45am-4.30pm (live), 11.30pm-12.30am (highlights)
S4c: 2pm (live), 10-10.30pm (highlights)
9Sunday, July 14ITV4: 12-5pm (live), 7-8pm (highlights)
Eurosport 1: 11.45am-4.45pm (live), 8-9pm (highlights)
S4c: 2pm (live), 10-10.30pm (highlights)
10Monday, July 15ITV4: 11am-5pm (live), 7-8pm (highlights)
Eurosport 1: 11am-5pm (live), 11am-12am (highlights)
S4c: 2pm (live), 10-10.30pm (highlights)
Rest dayTuesday, July 16Rest day
11Wednesday, July 17ITV4: 12.30-5pm (live), 7-8pm (highlights)
Eurosport 1: 12.15-5pm (live), 11pm-12am (highlights)
S4c: 2pm (live), 10-10.30pm (highlights)
12Thursday, July 18ITV4: 10.30am-4.30pm (live), 7-8pm (highlights)
Eurosport 1: 10.30am-4.45pm (live), 11pm-12am (highlights)
S4c: 2pm (live), 9.30-10pm (highlights)
13Friday, July 19ITV4: 9-12pm - La Course, 1pm-5.15pm - TdF (live), 7-8pm (highlights)
Eurosport 1: 12.45-5pm (live), 11pm-12am (highlights)
S4c: 2pm (live), 9.30-10pm (highlights)
14Saturday, July 20ITV4: 12.30-4.30pm (live), 7-8pm (highlights)
Eurosport 1:  12-4.30pm (live), 11pm-12am (highlights)
S4c: 2pm (live), 10-10.30pm (highlights)
15Sunday, July 21ITV4: 11-5pm (live), 7-8pm (highlights)
Eurosport 1: 10.45am-4.30pm (live), 11pm-12am (highlights)
S4c: 2pm (live), 10-10.30pm (highlights)
Rest DayMonday, July 22Rest day
16Tuesday, July 23ITV4: 12-4.45pm (live), 7-8pm (highlights)
Eurosport 1:   12-4.45pm (live), 11pm-12am (highlights)
S4c: 2pm (live), 10-10.30pm (highlights)
17Wednesday, July 24ITV4: 11.15am-4.45pm (live), 7-8pm (highlights)
Eurosport 1: 11-4.45pm (live), 11pm-12am (highlights)
S4c: 2pm (live), 10-10.30pm (highlights)
18Thursday, July 25ITV4: 10am-4.45pm (live), 7-8pm (highlights)
Eurosport 1: 10am-4.45pm (live), 11pm-12am (highlights)
S4c: 2pm (live), 9.30-10pm (highlights)
19Friday, July 26ITV4: 12.30-5pm (live), 7-8pm (highlights)
Eurosport 1: 12.30-4.45pm (live), 11pm-12am (highlights)
S4c: 2pm (live), 9.30-10pm (highlights)
20Saturday, July 27ITV4: 12.15-5pm (live), 7-8pm (highlights)
Eurosport 1: 12.15-5pm (live), 11pm-12am (highlights)
S4c: 2pm (live), 10-10.30pm (highlights)
21Sunday, July 28ITV: 4.45-9.30pm (live), TBC (highlights)
Eurosport 1: 4.45-8.45pm (live), 10.30pm-12am (highlights)
S4c: 5pm (live), 10-10.30pm (highlights)


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