Brighten up your gravel ride with Panaracer's orange and blue Gravelking tires

The Japanese tire manufacturer rolls out its Gravelkings in limited edition colors once again

The 2023 limited edition Panaracer Gravelking tire
(Image credit: Panaracer)

Japanese tire manufacturer Panaracer has unveiled its 2023 limited edition Gravelking Color tires. 

An anticipated tradition since 2018, once a year Panaracer makes its wildly popular gravel tire range, the Gravelking, available in unique colors to help riders add a pop of color and personal flare to their bike builds.

The catch though, is that these tires are a single-batch production, meaning that once they're sold out, you won't be able to get your hands on that particular color ever again, unless Panaracer decides to bring that color back in a future year. 

This year's limited edition colors are "Sunset Orange" and "Turquoise Blue."

"Sunset Orange brings a warm sunset glow to your ride any time of day and really helps set your bike apart from the crowd. This color looks great on darker frames but will work any way you want to customize your bike," claims Panaracer. 

"Turquoise Blue brings the calm vibrancy of both sea and sky to coordinate or offset your bike to your liking."

The 2023 limited edition Panaracer Gravelking tire

(Image credit: Panaracer)

The colors are available in 12 size and width variations across the Gravelking, Gravelking semi-slick (SS) and Gravelking semi-knob (SK) models. They're available on both, a tan or black sidewall.

These colored gravel tires are made with the same ZSG tire compound technology, anti-flat casing and 120tpi casing construction as the regular Gravelking tires. All Gravelking tires, size 32mm and up, are tubeless and hookless rim compatible.

Over the years, these limited edition tires have garnered a bit of a cult following in the bike scene, and it's becoming increasingly challenging for Panaracer to roll out new colors.

The orange Gravelking first made its appearance in 2019, and blue, too, is a color that has been featured before, albeit in a different shade. Previous colors include military and olive green, ivory and sandstone white, burgundy red, pansy purple, pink, and mustard and ginger yellow.

The Gravelking Color tires retail for $59.99 and are now available directly from the Panaracer USA website or from your local retailer.

Gravelking limited edition tires are available in orange and blue, in the slick, semi-slick and semi-knob models for $59.99.

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