Would you ride a bike made of carbon infused plywood?

Beautiful though they are, these bikes are designed to ride, with the choice of wood and fiber differing in line with rider weight

Moccle wooden bikes
(Image credit: Masateru Yasuda)

Wood has been used as a building material for thousands of years. It’s endured due to being a genuinely renewable source that combines strength, versatility and durability. Houses. Bridges. Furniture of all shapes and sizes. And bikes?

Masateru Yasudu certainly thinks so. The Japanese designer has created the Moccle, a single-speed bicycle made primarily of two bent plywood sheets layered with carbon fiber. These sheets form the top tube, down tube and rear stay - and there are two more used for the forks. The pieces are connected by an aluminium seat tube and steerer as well as metal lugs and dropouts. Components are straightforward, with a retro slant - a quill stem, caliper brakes and a single ring chainset.

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