Islabikes eJanis e-bike review

A lightweight easy-to-use ebike with style and simplicity

Islabikes eJanis e-bike review
(Image credit: Future)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The eJanis is a good bike for cyclists looking for a stylish, though unfussy easy-to-use ebike as a runaround for errands and commuting, and some leisure rides. Whilst the target market is the “boomer” generation, it is also ideal for those new to cycling because it doesn’t have so many complicated gadgets. Because it’s light, you can feasibly ride the eJanis without the motor and give yourself a little exercise in the process if you wish.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Lightweight vs industry average

  • +

    Stylish slimline look

  • +

    Components designed for simplicity

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Non-detachable battery

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Whether you’re into road biking, mountain biking, gravel riding or commuting you can now find an e-bike version; there’s a lot of choice, which makes determining the best electric bike for you quite a mission. 

Islabikes, known for its best-in-class children’s bikes, sets itself apart by targeting its adult electric bikes at (according to Islabikes) the “baby boomer” generation. That is, those born between 1946 and 1964. Of course, the bikes are still well suited to the younger crowd, Generation X right through to millennials - I myself am some way off the target in terms of years, however, some of the adaptations made were remarkably enjoyable. 

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