British Cycling calls for sportive regulation after road race clash video

British Cycling issues statement in response to video showing Yorkshire sportive riders ignoring road closures and riding toward road race

British Cycling has called for regulation of sportives in response to a YouTube film which shows riders from the Yorkshire Regional Road Race championship and a sportive causing disarray at a road junction as they virtually ride head-on into each other.

Several riders in the sportive appear to ignore warnings of road closure and carry on up the carriageway, with one veering very close to the oncoming race peloton as it turns out of a junction.

“This video is a perfect illustration of why the lack of any form of calendar co-ordination and regulation around sportives is a serious concern that needs to be urgently addressed,” said a British Cycling spokesperson.

“Over the last three years, there has been an unprecedented growth in the number of sportives with an almost 200% increase in the number of events that were registered through British Cycling alone. We’re asking the government to take action to ensure that cycling events on the public highway are better co-ordinated through an agreed process.

“These measures would aim to reduce the risk of clashes, improve event standards and provide an environment where both competitive and non-competitive events can run in harmony to meet increased demand.”

BC confirmed that the Yorkshire Regional Road Race was authorised under Cycle Racing on the Highway regulations by the relevant police service, but that the sportive had not been formally registered.

“If it had been registered a clash would have been identified in advance of the events taking place and any issues would have been resolved,” said BC.