Sportive guide

Your best year yet!


Want to have your best day on a bike in a sportive this year? In that case it’s time to start preparing now for peak performance. Set your goals for 2015 and get ready to achieve them!

Sportives aren’t races, they’re fun events that anybody can enter. That’s what is so great about them, the fact that cyclists of all ages and abilities can rock up and ride the event. But just because it is fun, doesn’t mean you can’t be competitive too.

Getting the best from yourself isn’t easy and requires effort and dedication, both on and off the bike. But follow our top tips to make this year count, and 2015 could be your most successful summer ever!

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Start a training diary – A notepad and pen may seem a little nerdy, but jotting down what you did during your training days can really aid performance.

Get technical – Fancy gadgets and gizmos do cost money, but they’re an investment worth making. Being able to train to numbers, working to specific heart-rate zones, power outputs and even cadence is far more beneficial and accurate than just working on feel.

Coaching matters – Coaches aren’t just for pros, or those who race. Anyone can benefit from a coach, it’s just that you need to know what you want from yours. Is it a kick up the backside? Is it words of advice? Perhaps you need a kind arm wrapped around you. Whatever it is, a coach may be the answer.

Where there’s a will… – Without wanting to sound cheesy, if you think like a winner, then you will be a winner. Having confidence in your ability can sometimes be the difference between success and failure.