Getting prepped for motorcycle season

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Winter is well and truly here. With heavy snow in some areas and rain always guaranteed in the UK, riding your motorbike might not seem like the most appealing thing. But that doesn’t mean you’re not thinking about it and ensuring it is finely tuned for when you do finally get the chance to get out on two wheels.

Get your insurance sorted

This should always be your first port of call if you discontinued your insurance during winter. Before motorbike season is fully upon us and you’re out every weekend (at least) you need to make sure you’re fully covered insurance wise. Bike insurance with is the perfect place to start.

Opting for discount bike insurance from Swinton will enable you to get the perfect quote for the make, model, and size of your bike ensuring you get the right cover without paying over the odds.

Keeping your bike maintained

You may not be riding yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your bike maintained during the winter months. Here’s where you should start.

Tyres and wheels

  • Make sure you check the air pressure of your tyres and inflate to the pressure specified in the manual before riding
  • Check your tyres for wear and tear – investigate the treads, and look for cracks, bulges or embedded objects
  • Look at your wheels for roundness, cracks and dents, as well as bent, broken or missing spokes


  • Check the levers and pedals to ensure they’re still lubricated, adjusted and fitted properly
  • Look for any frays, kinks or folds in cables
  • Ensure that the throttle moves freely and doesn’t stick or snap when released


  • Check for any cracks in your lights
  • If you removed the battery over winter it might be time to start thinking about re-installing it – it’s vital to pay attention to the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure this is done correctly; if you’re not sure you should consider taking it in to a professional


  • Ensure you check the levels and the quality of the following:

o      Engine oil

o      Hypoid gear oil

o      Shaft drive

o      Hydraulic fluid

o      Coolant

o      Fuel

  • Make sure you also check for leaks of the above


  • Undertake a full review of the frame, inspecting for chipping paint, cracks or any dents
  • Properly adjust the front forks and rear shocks
  • Ensure the correct tension for the belt or chain – and make sure this is adequately lubricated if required

Get out there now!

Winter riding may not always feel that appealing to you, but it does have its merits. If you’re itching to get out on the bike then why not now? Just make sure your insurance covers you for this time of year, that you wrap up against the elements (full leathers and some top quality gloves are always advisable) and remember to always respect the roads – winter riding is a little different to summer.

Just remember than whenever you do get back on those wheels, make sure you and your bike are ready.