What should you pack in your saddlebag? (video)

We run through the maintenance essentials you should pack in your saddlebag

No-one likes saggy jersey pockets; full of food, extra clothing, spare tubes and all your maintenance tools to make sure you can do those essential roadside repairs.

That's where the humble saddlebag comes to the rescue. A nice, compact bag to sit beneath the rear of your saddle can relieve you of those cluttered pockets and be a great place to store everything you need to make sure you can ride home instead of calling someone out to save you.

And despite what you might be thinking, saddlebags are pro. While you won't see any saddlebags in the Tour de France, you won't see too many pros heading out on a training ride without a saddlebag full of the essentials.

But what exactly should you pack in your saddlebag? Well in the end, that's down to you and what you think you might need. But a small saddlebag should be enough to pack a tube and some Co2 cannisters if you haven't got a mini-pump.

Likewise some decent tyre leavers are a must to get your tyre off for those inevitable punctures.

One thing many riders might leave behind is a chain tool to fix your chain if it breaks out on the road. Chain issues are probably the most common kind of mechanical you can experience after punctures, so it's always best to be prepared for any unfortunate snaps.

We've also got some more handy tips for you in the video above, so take a look and don't forget to let us know if you've got any top tips for items to pack on your rides.

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