What to do (and what not to do) after every bike ride (video)

The first 30 minutes after training is the window in which you can make the most difference to your recovery, and we can show you how

Recovery is a vital part of training. Without adequate recovery you won’t improve your fitness at the rate you’d expect and you can feel sluggish the next time you go out on the bike.

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Once a training ride finishes, the first 30 minutes is the key period in which you can make the biggest impact on your recovery.

This half-hour period is known as the ‘glycogen window’ and is the time when your body is best suited to processing food and initiating the recovery process.

In this exclusive Cycling Weekly video we run you through how you can best benefit your recovery and really make those long training miles count.

To start the process you need to consume around 20g of protein. This can come from real foods, especially if you’ve prepared them in advance of the ride, or from bars, shakes and even a large glass of milk.

Rehydration is also essential, so sip little and often for the hours following your ride to rebalance your fluid levels. Once you’ve refuelled and rehydrated, get that sweaty kit off and head for the shower.