Christmas suddenly isn't so far away - we've rounded up some of the best gifts for cyclists - bookmark this page and save it somewhere prominent if you're the cyclist yourself...

If the conversations at the average shopping centre coffee shop are anything to go by, it’s time to start panic buying in preperation for the upcoming festivities.

Buying Christmas gifts for cyclists isn’t always easy. Many riders appear to have one (or two) of absolutely everything – but there’s always a newest, latest version out there that will light up their faces brighter than that 1000 lumen USB rechargeable device you got them last Christmas.

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To help you navigate one of the busiest retail spaces in the business, we’ve put together a list of some of the best gifts for cyclists – ideal for wrapping up and slipping into a fireplace mounted stocking – but just as ideal for Birthdays and other occasions if you’ve not Santa duties at front of mind…

Christmas gifts for cyclists under £30

Primal Electric Shock Socks – £7.99

Primal Electric Shock Socks

Primal Electric Shock Socks

Sure, socks are sometimes considered a bit of a ‘yawn’ uncle gift, but they’re also pretty useful, and cyclists love them. These Electric Shock socks from Primal are a cool example – with a stylish 6″ cuff, and quick drying fabric mix.

RideStrong – £18.99 Paperback, £10.04 on Kindle

Ride Strong - Essential Conditioning for Cyclists gifts for cyclists

Ride Strong – Essential Conditioning for Cyclists

A strong core can make a dramatic difference to a cyclist’s performance – cutting down the chance of injury and providing a much greater base for power output.

In this book, JoMcRae provides advice on how to plan strength training into an annual training schedule and details a host of strength training and conditioning exercises that can benefit cyclists.

Buy now at Amazon for £10.04 or £18.99

Target Velo build-your-own-bike – £24.75

gifts for cyclists

Buy your own build a bike

Surrey based Target Velo creates miniature bikes – road and mountain – which come in kit form, so that the lucky recipient can spent a day building the model up.

The figurines come with moving wheels, cranks and chains – even the brake levers work and squeeze the calipers closed. Road and mountain bike kits start at £24.75 – see them here. 

Commuter Javapress – £30

Commuter JavaPress gifts for cyclists

Commuter Javapress

Coffee and cyclists are intrinsically linked – and for those who simply can’t be without a brew, there’s the Commuter Javapress which is designed for on-the-go use. There’s no plunger, and it’s spill safe, with a sealable top to keep the contents hot.

 Cycling Weekly subscription – from £6.83 a month

A Cycling Weekly subscription can provide a rider with news, fitness and training advice as well as insightful features and interviews, every single week. You can set up a subscription to the print mag for as little as £8.17 or get an iPad/iPhone subscription from £6.83.

Check out the Cycling Weekly magazine subscription options here.

Christmas gifts for cyclists under £50

Strava Premium membership – £44.99 a year

Strava is the cyclist’s social media platform – displaying rides and allowing riders to chase Strava segment success which is rewarded by Kudos from followers.

With Strava Premium, the tool moves from being a ride sharing and evaluation tool to a training aid, with advanced analytics and personalised coaching. You can upgrade your favourite cyclists account for just £44.99 a year – find out more here.

Sportive entry – £20/£35 depending upon distance

Sportive events – mass participation organised rides – can provide inspiration and motivation for cyclists who might otherwise be inclined to put the bike away over the winter months.

UKCE organises sportives across the country, with events taking place 12 months a year. There’s a selection of distances available, and entry starts from just over £20, with most at £35 – whilst kids ride for free. See upcoming events here. 

Bont Riot Cycle Road Shoe – £44.99 (from £99.99)

Bont Riot Cycle Road Shoe

Bont Riot Cycle Road Shoe

It’s really not often that you get a quality road shoe like the Riot from Bont at under £50 – but these happen to be reduced as part of Wiggle’s Black Friday deals. 

The 50 per cent off offer spans across a wide range of sizes – and these shoes feature a fully customisable fit, with heat mouldable innersole and chassis, and carbon composite construction – with carbon at the high stress areas, sandwiched between fibreglass layers for max strength.

Check out the Bont Riot road shoes at Wiggle for £44.99

Christmas gifts for cyclists under £100

Zwift membership – £96 a year

best smart turbo trainers

Zwift also offers structure training

Zwift is the indoor cycling training game taking the cycling world by storm. Users pair up, ideally using a smart turbo trainer or power meter, though a speed sensor will do. They can join group rides, or even races – when they increase the power, they’ll pull away and similarly drop back if they back off.

Zwift also provides structured training sessions for those looking to train specific areas. Membership costs £8 (or $10) a month – so a year long commitment to funding your loved one’s cycling training will cost £96 – check out the download and payment process here. 

Lezyne Laser Drive rear light – £57.99

Lezyne Laser Drive

Lezyne Laser Drive rear light

A bright rear light that can put out between 40 and 250 lumens depending upon the mode. The party trick is that it uses lasers to cast a red line either side of a cyclist – giving warning to pedestrians and discouraging close passes from drivers. Read our full review of the Lezyne Laser Drive rear light here. 

British Cycling or CyclingUK membership – £22-£75

gifts for cyclists

Sign them up to British Cycling or Cycling UK

Memberships to British Cycling or Cycling UK carry a number of benefits for cyclists.

British Cycling membership is available at a number of standards – from ‘Fan’ to ‘Race’. Cyclists who want to race in the UK have to have a British Cycling Race license which they’ll hand in at an event. Race license membership starts at £23, but there are options up to £74 with liability and legal insurance on the more expensive versions. ‘Ride membership’ (£37) gets users legal and liability insurance when commuting or riding for leisure and the ‘Fan’ option (£22) unlocks a selection of discounts at major cycling retailers as well as magazine subscriptions and priority tickets to events. Check out the options here.

CyclingUK membership starts from £3.75 a month (£45 a year) and provides third party liability insurance cover with an indemnity limit of £10m. Members also get access to over 13,000 rides across the country, plus six copies of ‘Cycle Magazine’, discounts, advice and access to the CyclingUK ‘incident line’ where they can receive help and support should they need it. Find out more here.  

Specialized Power Expert saddle – £100

Specialized Power Expert Saddle christmas gifts cyclists

Specialized Power Expert Saddle

It’s true that saddle choice (men’s saddles here, women’s saddles here) is personal – but the Specialized Power has proved hugely popular for a lot of riders. Designed with input from, now retired, pro cyclist Evelyn Stevens, it’s a genuinely unisex product. The Power suits riders who sit in an aggressive position, often prone to remaining in the same place on the seat. The wide shape and relief channel is perfect for many ‘on the rivet’ riders – and it’s got a stunning clean look.

The Expert saddle comes with  a reinforced carbon fibre shell and lightweight titanium rails and has an RRP of £100. We were lucky enough to review the S-Works Power version (£200) here – this has carbon rails but shares the same shape.

If buying as a gift, it’s well worth discussing saddle preferences first as they are very personal.

Christmas gifts for cyclists under £200

Blaze Laserlight – £125

Blaze Laserlight

Blaze Laserlight

The Blaze Laserlight was designed by Emily Brooke and launched via Kickstarter in 2012. It provides a 300 lumen beam – enough to see the road in front – and displays the image of a bicycle on the tarmac to warn other road users of a cyclists presence.

If this one isn’t quite right, there are more bike lights worth your consideration here.

Camden X KPP Cycling Edition watch – £149.99

Camden X KPP Cycling Edition watch

Ok, so it’s a little extravagant – but everyone loves a little luxury from time to time. A simple, classic watch designed by  London-based artist/cyclist Kitty Pemberton-Platt. Bicycle infused touches include a spoke design in the centre of the dial, jersey-style embossed letters on the strap and gear-shaped crown. It’s got a leather strap, with an interchangeable nylon option. Check out our full review here. 

See it at the Camden Watch Company here

Effetto Mariposa GiustaForza torque wrench – £134.99

Effetto Mariposa GiustaForza torque wrench

Effetto Mariposa GiustaForza torque wrench

A torque wrench is an item which can see heavy use by a home mechanic. Bolts need to be tightened to the correct torque to ensure that they’re tight enough, but not so tight that they place too much stress on a component, potentially causing it to snap.

We love the Effetto Mariposa set – which can be used to tighten bolts to any measure between 3 and 15 Nm, adjusting in increments of 0.4 Nm. If it’s not quite what you’re looking for, we’ve rounded up more cyclist’s torque wrench options here. 

Hipok Airlok indoor wall storage unit – £130

Image: Hiplok

Image: Hiplok

The Hiplok Airlok is a secure anchor with a hardened steel lockable post which ensures the bike stays put – but it’s coated in coloured plastic and is designed to be fixed to the wall – turning the bike into a piece of art in the home.

If it’s not quite right, there are plenty more bike storage options here. 

Castelli Perfetto long sleeve jersey – £175

Castelli Perfetto long sleeve jersey

Castelli Perfetto long sleeve jersey

The Perfetto was designed to be Perfect – apparently gaining its name because so many people kept calling the Castelli Gabba, its predecessor, perfect. The newest take on wet weather race worthy gear is wind and waterproof, but still breathable and flexible. It’s available in men’s and women’s cut – check out our full review of the Castelli Perfetto here.

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt – £199

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt best cycling computer

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt cycling computer

A neat, compact cycling computer that is designed to be more aerodynamic than those from other leading brands. A direct competitor to the Garmin 520, the display is good and it’s easy to use – though does require a smartphone for set up. See our Wahoo Elemnt Bolt review here.

Christmas gifts for cyclists over £200

Garmin Virb Ultra 30 camera – £389.99

Garmin Virb Ultra 30

Garmin Virb Ultra 30

Cyclists love to share their rides with others – and an an action/hemet camera lets them do just that. The Garmin Virb 30 is a top of the range version which takes high quality images and video, and one which we found easy to control thanks to voice command features. Connects easily to cycle computers and smartphones – check out our full review of the Garmin Virb Ultra 30 here.  

Tacx Satori Smart turbo trainer – £259.99

Tacx Satori Smart turbo trainer

Tacx Satori Smart turbo trainer

Traditional turbo trainers can be obtained for under £100 – but Smart turbo trainers, which connect to training software and can recreate the elevation of an outdoor route, are the new big deal and can cost upward of £500.

The Tacx Satoria Smart Turbo Trainer offers a happy compromise – it’s a standard magnetic turbo trainer but wirelessly reads speed, cadence and power and is compatible with programs like indoor cycling game Zwift.

Sea Sucker bike rack – from £350 (various sizes/configurations available)

SeaSucker Talon bike rack

SeaSucker bike rack

Know a cyclist who is always travelling with a bike?

The SeaSucker bike rack attaches via very strong suction pads. It removes the need for permanent fixings, takes minutes to attach and is compatible with any car – read our full review here. 

Garmin Edge 1030 – £500

Garmin Edge 1030 GPS unit

Garmin Edge 1030 GPS unit

A cycling computer is a cyclist’s best friend (on a ride..) – and the Garmin Edge 1030 is the newest option on the market. The Edge 1030 comes with the Garmin Cycle Map, which offers turn-by-turn navigation and warnings to alert you to features like sharp bends.

There’s a new feature called ‘Trendline’ which identifies popular cycling routes using data from Garmin Connect, and can present a selection of rides to follow. When paired with a smartphone, there’s also rider to rider communication. All this, and of course distance, speed, elevation and connectivity to heart rate and power meters.

We’ll keep updating this page with new gifts – let us know in the comments if you’re a cyclist who has received a gift you think should be included…