A Cinelli Strato bike worth £5,500 was stolen from the London Bike Show on Sunday, January 15, and its owners are offering a £500 reward for its return.

The distinctive, one-off Cinelli carbon-fibre frame was equipped with Campagnolo Super Record groupset and Campagnolo Bullet wheels.

The bike was stolen on the final day of the London Bike Show at ExCeL (Sunday, January 15) at around 4pm.

A reward of £500 is being offered for the bike’s safe return. Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of the missing bike should email Andrew Spencer at Chicken Cycle Kit.


  • StoneRose

    £500 reward??? Is that all??? I suppose rewards get affected by times of austerity too then. If I lost £100 and someone handed it to me I would be ashamed to hand over a measly 10% tenner reward and I’m Scottish and as tight as a gnat’s chuff.

  • Nooney

    Not funny I know but how the hell do you walk away from a show with a 5.5k bike class security dohhhhh
    But reminds me of in the early 80s when a well known french team fresh from the tour came to merseyside to star in a stage starting from a very well known rough area of Liverpool, where the powers that be in there wisdom (cough cough) decided it would start, when the race was about to get under way 4 very confused Frenchmen were looking for there bikes, needless to say a week later kids in the area were seen doing bunny hops on very expensive state of the art road bikes

  • yenrod

    Its got campag on it – christ these people have no taste !!!! LOL

  • ed

    Very nice. I’d offer at least £600 for anyone to ‘return’ it to me 😉