Tuesday afternoon saw British Cycling Performance Director and Team Sky Team Principal Dave Brailsford travel to Rhyl to celebrate the opening of a new racing circuit in the city.

The facility, which includes a 1.3km circuit and a BMX track, cost £1.5million, and is the only off-road racing circuit in North Wales. Previously competitors would have had to travel to Aintree, Shrewsbury or Preston to race on the safety of an off-road circuit.

Five local clubs organize a racing series every Tuesday evening, and there are coaching and training sessions throughout the week.

The track was built with funding from Denbigh County Council, The Welsh Assembly Government, the Foundation for Sport and the Arts, and WREN (Waste Recycling Environmental).

There a story behind the track, too, as it was only made possible after generous donations in memory of four cyclists from Rhyl CC who were killed during a club ride in January 2006.

There will be a full report on the circuit’s opening in the May 5 issue of Cycling Weekly.

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  • martin austin

    You can see the design of the circuit here: http://www.marshtracks.co.uk and a couple of pics here: https://picasaweb.google.com/Alanroverson/MarshTracksJpg#

  • Simon Richardson

    Hi Malcolm,
    We’re covering this story in more depth in next week’s Cycling Weekly (May 5) magazine and will include more photo’s of the circuit. We couldn’t get the story in this week’s magazine as we go to press on a Monday and the opening took place on Tuesday.
    CW Dep ed.

  • Malcolm Mason

    A photo of the circuit would have been preferable