Absolutely bloody brilliant. Every British bike rider should be proud of Mark Cavendish’s world championship win on Sunday.

It was a typically gutsy ride by the man himself but equally it was an epic display of selfless team support, seven riders devoting everything for the ultimate goal.

The sight of Cav bursting clear in the final 200 metres will endure as one of the most joyous images of our sport. It’s a day to remember, not only for the victory but also for the complete control exerted by the British squad.

Team GB owned the race, we were the ones to beat and nobody came close. For more than five and an half hours all you could see was red, white and blue on the front of the bunch.

That was pretty much the story of the week. With the surprise success of Lucy Garner in the junior women’s event we shot to the top of the medals’ table for the first time ever.

If Cav had started as favourite, then the opposite was true of Miss Garner, particularly after a serious crash all but ruled her out of contention. Of all the sprint finishes, this was the cleanest cut but the winner just could comprehend her achievement. “I was just shocked,” she said. ” It did sink in coming over the finish line, all the emotions just came out.”

It’s been quite an emotional week, a title series that ranks alongside our success at the 2008 world track championships. It’s another high that confirms our status as a world force in bike racing.

Robert Garbutt is editor of Cycling Weekly

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  • Ken Evans

    I hope Cav gets a nice parade back home in Manx.

    Maybe the UK media will cover this ??

  • Andremada

    As a Belgian, I can only take my hat off to the performance of the entire British team. Everybody did their job and not let themselves me intimidated by the pressure of being favourites.
    Britain should be proud of the work these guys performed. They are a true testimony that you can create a great cycling team in a country where football matters the most.
    Also, the British should thank Team Sky for providing and nurturing the British cycling talent. 6 of the 8 riders work for Team Sky. If there was no Team Sky, another sprinter would just have won this world championship.
    Funny how the team composed of English, a Scot, a Welsh, Isle of Man and even a ‘Kenian’ riders.

  • Vincent Waterhouse

    After being riveted to my seat for virtually the entire race, all i can say is that it ranks as one of the best, if not the best, achievements of any british team in recent years. I’ll tell you what though, i’ll eat my hat if any of them pick up an award in the sports personality of the year competition. I used to do a bit of time trialling myself, and my occupation is connected with motorised two wheelers, why is it that, in this country if you are connected with anything to do with two wheels, then you must be a trouble maker who goes around biting chickens heads off! and beating up old ladys! Having been involved in motorcycle trials at world level, a few years ago we had the greatest exponent of the sport that the world has ever seen. His name, Dougie Lampkin. Did he win sports personality, did he hell! after the first couple of his seven consecutive world titles, he didn’t even get invited on to the show I suspect there are some strong similarities to cycle racing. as i witnessed him having to take on the rest of europe when they would try any cheating tactics they could in order to retain their dominance. I can bet that in cycle racing the French, Spanish and Italians, amongst others, are fuming at the thought of the brits beating them at a sport that they think is their god given right to dominate. Compare that with the so called sports that we are supposed to be world leaders at. typically football. most of the time, in the world competitions, we are totally humiliated. It doesn’t take a lot of working out that our overpaid players, just aren’t as intelligent as the other countries. Which shows in the way that they move in to positions when they are not on the ball! But they, along with cricket (ok they are doing a bit better at the moment) get much more coverage than they deserve. If you need to get political about the situation, then it is all down to the class system that exists in our country. I have mett a few arrogant horse riders in this country! i can’t ever remember meeting a two wheel enthusiast, who hasn’t been the sort of person that you would want to befriend. So well done lads. keep it up. If only to have the satisfaction of sticking two fingers up to the establishment.