Alberto Contador has confirmed that he will not be retiring from cycling even if he is eventually banned and said that he will appeal against any kind of sanction.

Speaking in a press conference on Friday, his first since he heard he would receive a one-year ban for clenbuterol, the Spaniard said “I have no plans to quit. But above all, I consider this ban to be totally unfair.”

“I’ve never doped. I’m an example of what it means to race clean.”

Contador said he had done around 500 anti-doping tests in his career.

“They’ve done tests on me in my home, with my family, I’ve had to go out of the cinema in the middle of the film or walk out on someone’s birthday celebrations. I did all that because I believed in the antidoping system. I believed it was right.”

“My only error has been to eat meat without it being previously tested.”

“The norms [about positive tests for clenbuterol] will change within three months, six months or a year. But what about me?”

“Those responsible for the anti-doping system have to rethink things. There’s an antidoping regulation [which states that any amount of clenbuterol detected is a positive] which is completely obsolete.”

“The amount of clenbuterol found in my system could have had no effect on my performance and is physically impossible to take intentionally. In no way did it help me win the Tour de France.”

“What hurts is that all of the scientists know I’m innocent. These rules no longer keep up with scientific developments and until the rules change there will be more cases of false positives in 2011.”

Apart from re-asserting his innocence, the 27-year-old from Madrid was also critical of the way his provisional ban was leaked to the press, but said he will everything he can to try to reduce the ban in the next ten days before it becomes definitive.

During the ongoing press conference, due to finish around 6pm Spanish time, Contador received the support of his team manager, Bjarne Riis, as well as his sponsors at Saxo Bank.

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  • sharon graham

    i dont care what the reason for the positive result was, the same rules apply to everybody, he must be banned or the uci and wada will appear pathetic

  • Michael Mace

    I agree 100% with you Bri

  • Bmcc

    If this was about LA he would be getting crucified
    Am I right?

  • PeterLB

    Oh Bri, so innocent.

  • dave

    bri. call me a cynic but maybe that’s why he’s the world’s best tour rider. it’s not impossible he’s telling the truth but what are the UCI/WADA meant to do? For this sport to have any credibility they have to come down hard.

  • Andy

    We’ll never forget you, Thingy Contabore.

  • bri

    give the guy a break. hes the worlds best tour rider he does not need to cheat. hes been tested 500 times.

  • mark

    it has got to be 2 years. this smacks of the spanish protecting their biggest names. remember op puerto was’nt AC spoken about that and what about all the big name footballers and althetic stars that were alleged to be involved but never named. He has to get 2 years or it makes a joke of the whole drug testing program,

  • Oli

    Does “AC” not realise that asking a friend to collect a piece of meat from a specific butcher because they are apparently known to him to produce the best meat available and then claiming that it is actually one of the very few in the whole of Europe to sell meat with traces of Clenbuterol in its produce might sound a little dodgy? And why would someone ask a friend to bring a piece of meat with them when the team chef might be perfectly capable of producing a decent bit of tucker? And finally, the coincidence of a rest day test before the final mountain stage might just be too much. It ought to be two years, for me.

  • Hodders

    this is a 2 year ban for sure – but it must be time to introduce a life-ban from 2012 onwards? Hopefully that would clear this year up (assuming some others still dope as well) – but put the writing on the wall for everyone, UCI should stop mucking around with stickers and address the real issues.

  • Brian

    Hopefully this time Contador will get the ban that he deserves which is 2 years.