The May issue of Cycling Active is in the shops on Wednesday 30th March and as usual it’s packed full of news, reviews and advice on bikes and all aspects of cycling.

May-2011-cover-special● Victoria Pendleton talks to CA’s Rebecca Charlton about why there’s a definite place for femininity in cycling and why she’ll never ditch her high heels.

● Bike reviews of the Jamis Bosanova and Fuji Feather, the BMC Alpen Challenge and Surly Long Haul Trucker tourers head-to-head plus five top £450 hybrids from Kona, GT, Cannondale, KHS & Fuji

● It’s a great time for women’s cycling, so girls; look out for an event near you. We look at the options available to you – and men, don’t worry, you’re allowed along to some of them. But you must wear pink!

● Can you be done and dusted, without getting too dirty, in 2 minutes? Take on the CA puncture challenge with resident tech expert Stu Bowers.

● Your commute starts here! Get started today with the CA guide to commuting.

● Pedal to perfection: This month we tell you how to nail your pedalling technique

● May and June events you need to be entering.

● Plus all the best events, seven of the best shorts tried and tested and loads of user-friendly, practical tech advice.

● Sign up for a subscription and there’s a Knog computer worth £39.95 for you.

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  • Andy Isitt

    John, don’t take this the wrong way. I wish you every success on your road to recovery, and chapeau to you that you’re going to get back in the saddle after a long illness. But, are you collecting bikes or are you going to ride them? If the latter, then I’d suggest you concentrate your resources on buying the best custom-fitted bike you can find which suits the type of riding you’re going to do. At most you might need a couple of different bikes, or you could try an all-rounder like a cyclo-cross bike and have two sets of wheels/tyres for on and off road. My preference, if I had the money, would be something in custom Ti, 953, or at a pinch a Parlee Z1. Hey, we can all dream!

  • Nick Rearden

    Hi Sherwin, I’ve read the article again and there was no mention of “old fashioned”. Derri’s review stated that “this (touring) group of riders will probably be the hardest to convince” about STI-type handlebar controls, and it’s true, but it won’t be because bar-end shifters are the only way of controlling a mountain bike transmission. All of Shimano’s STI shifters, in the appropriate variants, will control triple chainset front gears and long cage rears. What some touring bike specifiers have a hard time swallowing, as my review of the Surly Long Haul Trucker and its alternative, the Dawes Galaxy, in the same issue states, bar end shifters have a place because they’re relatively inexpensive, less likely to get damaged and easier to cope with if they do get damaged in the wilderness. Horses for courses.

  • sherwin hagger

    In the current issue you have a revue on the Jamis Bosanova in which you stated that touring cycles generally were ‘old fashioned’ because they still used bar-end shifters. In fact they are often used so that tourers can employ MTB gearing.

  • John Phillips

    I’ve had recurrent pneumonia for the last two years and have been treated with steroids which have made me put on 75 pounds. I’m self employed and have been unable to work. I have a number of road bikes I’m waiting to buy with some business introductions I’ve made, but I only have a mountain bike and no kit that fits. I want to drop a jersey size for Wiggle but cycle LEJOG for NCDS at the end of August/Beginning of September and need all the help I can get. It’s going to be tough until I get my road bikes, but then I hope to buy the entire Peloton plus some of the bikes you have recommended.