A cyclist has died after being involved in a collision with a lorry in Camberwell, London, on Monday.

Richard Muzira, 60, collided with the lorry just after midday as it turned left at the junction between Camberwell Road and Albany Street. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

It is the 14th cyclist fatality of 2013, equalling the number of cyclists who were killed on the capital’s roads in 2012.

Six cyclists have been killed in London in the past two weeks, all incidents involved either heavy good vehicles or buses/coaches.

The death on Monday coincides with an initiative run by the Metropolitan Police, where cyclists were stopped in three key areas of London to receive advice on road safety. Early reports suggest that cyclists were stopped for not wearing helmets or high visibility clothing, neither of which is a legal requirement.

Lorries were also being stopped as part of the initiative. According to LBC Radio, officers found that the 20 HGVs stopped and inspected had a total of 60 offences between them, including being in a dangerous condition.

An online ‘Save our Cyclists’ petition was created last week, and has already been supported with over 28,000 signatures: “Cyclists do not need to travel around our city with fear for their lives,” it says. “TFL and the Mayor for London do have the right idea. But, as plans are drawn up, consultations are carried out, and meetings are had, London’s roads continue to be unsafe, and cyclists are losing their lives.”

“We are calling for urgent action from Boris Johnson and the Cycling Commissioner Andrew Gilligan to accelerate their plans, and to be clear about their intentions for cycle safety in London.”

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  • Colnago dave

    Unbelievable that it now 6 and the politicians are still coming out with statistics saying that although there are more cyclists on the roads statistically the number of fatalities is down.

    It is not just a London problem that cyclists are perceived as nuisances on the roads by other road users but a nationwide problem. If the MET police think stopping cyclists and saying that you should wear a helmet is going to stop fatalities then I’m afraid they also need to be educated.
    How often do we read a press report sayinf a cyclist was involved in an accident with a vehicle and either seriously injured or killed but the vehicle driver was uninjured. Of course he was uninjured he has had at least a ton of vehicle protecting him.
    This kind of reporting adds to the myth that the motorist is OK in this type of accident so the unconcious perception is it is OK to get too close etc