Olympic organisers LOCOG have today confirmed that they will charge for tickets to both Box Hill for the Olympic Games road races on July 28 and 29 and at Hampton Court for the time trials on August 1.

Tickets for the Donkey Green area of Box Hill will be available for £15 for adults and £5 for young people and seniors and those for the ‘Dormouse Drive’ area will be £10 for adults and £5 for young people and seniors. 

LOCOG have also announced that two viewing areas for the time trial will be ticketed, priced at £15 or £5 for area ‘A’ and £10 and £5 for area ‘B.’

All tickets will be available for purchase through the official ticketing website from May 29. 

“LOCOG has confirmed that new tickets will go on sale from 29 May 2012, which will help more people get to the Games,” said an official press release. 

Nevertheless the move will undoubtedly cause outrage amongst fans and cyclists who

originally believed that the Olympic road cycling events would be free

to watch.

LOCOG also confirmed that a further batch of tickets has been made available for those who missed out on tickets in the first and second rounds of sales. 

The 20,000 who missed out on both rounds will have an exclusive 31 hour window to buy tickets before those who missed out on the first round only, around one million people, will have a window of five days. 

4,000 tickets for the track cycling along with 6,000 for the mountain biking, 2,000 for the BMX and 1,000 for the Mall during the road races will be available from May 14. 

Olympic cycling events: Tickets timeline

May 11, 11am: Tickets for 20,000 applicants who missed out on rounds one and two of the initial ticket application. These include:

4,000 track cycling tickets (Velodrome)
6,000 mountain bike tickets (Hadleigh Farm)
2,000 BMX tickets (BMX track)
1,000 road race tickets (The Mall)

May 12, 6pm: Window closes for initial 20,000 applicants

May 14, 11am: Unsold tickets for track cycling are available for unsuccessful applicants in round one.

May 17, 11am: Unsold tickets for BMX, mountain bike and road races are available for unsuccessful applicants in round one.

May 29: Road race and time trial tickets available.

Road races: 15,000 tickets available for Zig Zag Road, Box Hill.
Donkey Green: £15 full price, £5 young people and seniors
Dormouse Drive: £10 full price, £5 young people and seniors

Time trials: Viewing areas at Hampton Court
‘Viewing Area A’: £15 full price, £5 young people and seniors
‘Viewing Area B’: £10 full price, £5 young people and seniors

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  • Al Williams

    I would just like to add that I agree with the majority view that it is an absolute travesty that they are charging people to see this. Does anyone think it will be possible to get onto Box Hill to see the race without paying those fat cats? By hook or by crook. I’m prepared to go further than most to achieve this.

    £15 won’t break the bank for me but its the principle isn’t it? If you give in and pay you are just paving the way for them to charge next time the Tour de France comes to the country. It will only get worse.

  • Julianc

    Although £15 is not too great a price to pay for the view!! The National Trust have agreed to have a temporary campsite on their grounds for those who want to camp & ride, its to be run by a ‘professional campsite operator’ at the princely sum of £15 per person per night so for 4 of you over 2 nights thats £120 thats got to be the most expensive campsite in the UK, so for 4 of us to watch a few minutes of cycling will cost around £180, nice one, Considering that as a rate payer, and a tax payer and a national trust member ive already paid for the road the land and all the set up but heh whats a few hundred pounds between friends!!!

  • Nick de Meyer

    what time will tickets be available for boxhill on may 29th? Its outrageous really that as cyclists who ride up boxhill have to pay to watch our sporting idols on national trust land, whilst the olympic organisers cash in our love of the sport of cycling!!

    It wouldn’t be so bad if we coould see how the money was put back into british cycling in the form of improving cycle safety on the roads, making more cycle lanes, improving the highway code and drivers theory and practical tests so that are more aware of cyclists on the road, and how vulnerable we can be when a car cuts you up, or a driver becomes aggressive!

    Instead money will just be poured into some coffers pockets to further line the expenses on their massive cars polluting the atmosphere, clogging up the roads, and generally making cycling in cities more and more dangerous!

    I rally hope it isn’t used this way, and that this money is used in a constructive way, especially as the government push the ride to work and cycle schemes

    Sound Coaching

  • borderfox

    I bet you that pre Beijing LOCOG wouldnt have dreamed charging people to stand and watch a minority sport such as cycling, but because of the unrivalled success of the GB cycling team both on the track and road the sport has been brought into the main stream so they now feel to keep the madding crowds at bay they will charge them, missed a trick there ASO imagine millions of unruly cycling fans in France every July, lord Coe and the band of highway men should maybe think of charging for the marathon as well

  • Ken Evans

    When Britain bid for the games,
    there was a claim that it would make money for Britain,
    including by bringing tourists,
    but there have been reports of a lack of bookings,
    as tourists avoid the Olympic period.

    There were also claims that the Olympics would be bringing
    world class sport to the British population and encouraging them
    to participate in sports themselves.

    Surely sponsors and TV fees would help cover costs,
    and allow the maximum number of spectators.
    Beijing suffered from restrictions of spectators,
    that spoiled the atmosphere, and didn’t benefit sponsors.

    The whole London ticketing situation has been a shambles.

    I hope that the games are a success,
    and all these problems will be forgotten.

  • DJG

    Just heard from my 150+ Basque friends that they won’t bother coming to turn the roadside orange :-((

  • Matt

    I Cycled up l’Alpe d’Huez last year to watch the tour with thousands of other cyclist and the day was spectacular. I was planning to visit Box Hill with my son and Wife but wont be bothering now.
    I think selling tickets for box hill is wrong, and how will the spectators get up there will they be able to ride there bikes as I did on the Alp ?

  • Bob

    Olympics = money – Any which way will be found.

    Watch out for the whole road and tt route to be restricted by barriers throughout.

    Take a sandwich and go to the seaside.

  • David Squires

    If they are going to charge people they need to offer more than just the ability to see the riders go past a few times. They need to install big screens to allow those people who have paid to watch the rest of the race. If such facilities were in place I wouldn’t be against paying. If not, what is the point? Get to see some star riders, but have no clue what happens afterwards.

    Can Cycling Weekly find out whether there are any plans to offer such facilities?

  • Sir Jeremy Beedlejuice III

    When China does it just as good for the people then you know you’ve f***** up…

  • Sam

    I and many others planned to visit the area (make a weekend of it) we will now been converting our sterling into euros and spending it in France for the grand tour.

    Given the cost of getting to Surrey from the Southwest, it works out about the same to watch a few sprint finishes in Northern France, or even the Finish in Paris.

    LOCOG are just lining their pockets, local businesses are likely to suffer as a result.

  • borderfox

    I thought that highway robbery ended hundreds of years ago, but Lord “up his own *r*e” Coe and his band of rip off merchants (LOCOG) have possibly for cultural reasons decided to revive this long forgotten trade, only in RIP OFF BRITAIN would it be possible to charge people to stand at the side of a public road, shame on you all. As for watching it on TV how long before the ConDem government pass a law to allow them to charge you extra to watch the whole sham on the box.

  • DJG

    Surely the UCI should do something to stop this happening? It’s bad enough limiting numbers but charging to see a Road Race anywhere other than the Finishing Tribune is an absolute travesty.
    Let’s hope the TV viewing is not spoiled by an “Occupy” event.

  • Jules Lebster

    one word….. disgusting…….I think we should all boycott the area with a ‘no show’ campaign and watch it on the free areas. I have also heard that you will not be allowed to take any photo’s in the ticketed area and that if any are found online after the event you could face a fine………

  • arronski

    Sad day for Road cycling hang your head in shame LOCOG !

    Rip off Britain ..Olympics, stay at home and watch on TV, Less money and hassle.

  • David

    Personally I think charging for these prime areas makes sense. There is limited capacity and a huge demand. It also costs a not inconsiderable sum to manage the infrastructure to keep the race safe and to prevent excessive damage to Box Hill and the surrounding area. I would be surprised if the ticket costs cover the spectator management cost.

    There are plenty of other areas to watch the TT and Road Race for free. Take a portable tv and a picnic and enjoy the day out.

  • Andrew Rigby

    Can anyone tell me where ‘Dormouse Drive is’? I’m local to the area and have no idea where this is.

  • Peter Edmondson

    We would have had more chance to actuelly see the Games if Paris had won the Olympics and it would have been loads cheaper. Only this country would allow this to happen. What possible legal right can they have to do this?

  • Arthur Franks

    So much for free events will all the tickets be allocated to VIPs and corporate sponsors.Who has given them permission to charge entry fees to public roads? As an aside have just read that torch carriers can buy their torches if they wish for £199. It is all about money for LOCOG

  • sheldon

    It’s a disgrace that spectators are being charged for the olympic road race. I was thinking of travelling to watch the race on Box Hill but now a won’t bother. If the Tour de France ever comes back to Britain will they charge to watch that as well. The great thing about top road events is that anyone and everyone can come and watch for free. Well done Britain you have now stopped that. Shame on you for putting money first.