The Herne Hill velodrome opened its public fundraising campaign for the track’s refurbishment this morning, and received £1,300 within the first few hours.

The fundraising campaign kicked off with an e-mail sent to those who have pledged to provide money for the cause, and the campaign is thrilled with the amount of early donations that they received.

Resurfacing on the track is due to start on Monday next week, and the re-opening is planned for September.

The resurfacing follows the gradual decline in the conditions of the track, which, combined with plans to redevelop the site, threatened it’s closure.

British Cycling has provided funding for the track’s resurfacing, ensuring the track’s continued existence, but the Save the Herne Hill Velodrome campaign are still working on the broader redevelopment of the site.

Public donations will go towards this broader redevelopment. Plans have not yet been announced, but the campaign is taking part in a community consultation process and have engaged a Sports and Leisure Consultancy company to help produce a draft.

There will be further coverage of the Herne Hill developments in Cycling Weekly following the beginning of the resurfacing.

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Save the Herne Hill Velodrome

  • lee wingate

    Great article….but it doesnt include any details on how/who to send donations to???

    Its a fantastic facility (needs a lick of paint) with a rich history….if there was an online website that people could donate to, that would be super-easy and im sure the cycling public (more and more popular, especially during Tour de France season and the upcoming 2012 events) would be very interested in saving some history but over-hauling and dragging it into a modern 21st centurary facility.

    Perhaps an article in the paper version of the comic and a couple of adverts/articles in the main press might help….must be loads of journalists looking to get a story on some cycling at the moment (although not french driving ones!)