Spanish media sources claim Lance Armstrong has changed his early race program for 2010 and will no longer take part in the Tour of Catalunya, opting instead for the Criterium International.

Citing sources within his RadioShack team, Spanish news agency EFE says that Armstrong will not take part in Catalunya, where he would have had a first encounter in 2010 with Spanish rival and former team-mate Alberto Contador (Astana) and Briton Bradley Wiggins (Team Sky), who is also down to ride.

Running from March 22-28, the tough seven-day Spanish race usually features two or three Pyrenean stages. It had been pitched as an early test of strength between three of the top four finishers in the Tour de France 2009, all of whom are expected to be contenders for the Tour in 2010.

But instead, Armstrong has now decided to drop Catalunya and will go for the Criterium International, which takes place on March 27 and 28 on the island of Corsica.

Armstrong will still take part in one race in Spain in 2010, the Tour of Murcia from March 3-7. But his first head-to-head with Contador in 2010 will now either be in the Dauphine Libere in June or in the Tour de France itself.

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  • Alberto

    Hola Lance – when’s that zimmer frame you ordered arriving?

    Seven what? Seven Up? Oh yes please.

  • Lance Armstrong

    One word: SEVEN!

  • Lance Armstrong

    Seeing these comments from AC, if I were him I’ d drop this drivel and start thanking his team. Without them, he doesn’ t win.

  • Alberto

    Hey Texan twerp – What did I say at the end of July? I’m the best and your a sad, washed up, old has been who craves the spotlight of publicity.

  • Lance Armstrong

    Hey pistolero, there is no i in team. What did I say in March? Lots to learn. Restated.

  • Michael Kirby

    I don’t blame Lance for avoiding Contador before the Tour. It’s no secret Contador will be stronger, so why give him any more confidence by competing (and probably losing) to him before the Tour? Lance needs to use everything in his repertoire to have a chance against AC in July. Not giving Alberto any sense of how strong he is against Lance before the Tour is just one of those things.

  • Graham Galpin

    John’s comment suggests that marketing and self promotion are “bad things”, however when you are the commodity and you need to raise the awareness of the buyers to your commodity then self promotion and marketing is the way to go!


    Bruyneel said Lance will ride Criterium International and a couple of classics. I saw a French story suggesting Armstrong is dodging Contador and a Spanish story saying it’s a Marketing ploy by Lance to keep up anticipation for the “rivalry” at the Tour. Considering that they’ve not raced against each other on opposing teams, and LA will probably dodge him again at the Dauphine Libere & race the Tour de Suisse instead, it’s most rubbish excuse for a rivalry ever. It’s all marketing & self-promotion.