An international arrest warrant has been issued for US cyclist Floyd Landis, relating to the hacking of a French anti-doping laboratory’s computer system.

The arrest warrant was issued by a French judge on January 28, as a result of the American cyclist’s failure to appear in a French court in October 2009 to answer allegations of hacking.

Landis failed a test for abnormal testosterone levels at the 2006 Tour de France after winning the event overall whilst riding for the Phonak team. He then commenced a legal battle to clear his name and discredit the anti-doping testing system that produced the negative result. In September 2007, Landis was stripped of the win.

News of the arrest warrant came to light on Monday after the head of French anti-doping agency (AFLD), Pierre Bordry, told news agency AFP that some of the documents used in Landis’s defence could only have come from its Châtenay-Malabry laboratory computer system.

Landis’s battle to over-turn the test results and subsequent ban effectively ended in June 2008, when the Court of Arbitration for Sport dismissed the case.

Landis has always maintained his innocence. However, his case took a particularly sour turn when Landis’s friend Will Geoghegan admitted to making an intimidating phone call to Greg LeMond in an attempt to prevent him from testifying against Landis.

After serving a suspension from competition, Landis returned to racing with the US-based Ouch-Maxxis squad in 2009 and rode in the Tour of California.

He left Ouch-Maxxis at the end of the 2009 season, and was rumoured to be on the verge of siging with Rock Racing in order to compete on the European circuit, but the squad failed in its bid to secure a Professional Continental licence from the UCI, leaving Landis without a contract.

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  • peter goodall

    How blind can some “fans” be?landis gave a pos. test after an unbelievable day in the saddle,and after a rubbish ride the day be4.He’s not only guilty but stupid if he thought he could get away with it.

  • NiallOC

    oh please…
    Who says he’s innocent? He failed a drugs test.
    And the US lab comparison is totally spurious. Which lab: Balco? He was racing in France, so French law applies. And the US is hardly the peak of drugs control is it? Have a look at baseball or American football.

  • Mike Lucas

    Innocent. Says who?
    He tested positive for an insanely high testosterone level after a quite unbelievable ride. As the saying goes, If something looks too good to be true it usualy is.
    As for him denying to the end any wrong doing I seem to recall a similar stance taken by Tyler Hamilton after testing positive. Deny, deny ,deny.
    Floyd, when first caught, blamed the booze he consumed the night before. When that claim proved ridiculous he then turned to blaming the testers and the system.
    Why would the lab make up false positives? what do they have to gain from it.
    It is easily posible, through human error, to not find an ilegal substance in a sample, but to find something that is not there when the b sample is also tested after an initial positive? get real.
    I loved and admired Pantani as a rider but have to admit he was also a cheat. To deny Landis is a cheat because you like or admire him is no defence.

  • nothing to see here

    I disagree. I think desparation led Landis to make some ill informed judgements and to allow himself to be used as some sort of cats paw.

    Many of your assertions seem to be equally ill inform and those of a conspiracy theorist.

    His career is finished. Ok he might ride on the US and other third rate races but effectively its over. And rightly so in my view, he cheated, lied and lied again. When his man tried to intimidate Lemond that was just the last straw and geoghagen should have been locked up for that.

    As for the testosterone tests – academic – he was competing in France, knew the parameters, messed up and was caught. tough luck.

  • atxanon

    This is really stupid. They’ve destroyed an innocent person.. they won’t quit until he’s dead or in jail apparently.. this sends a clear msg to all that would try to get a fair trial.. either take it and accept your punishment.. innocent or not.. or we’ll come after you in every form possible.. and then some. Would have been better for Floyd to just lie and say he did it, eh? then he would have probably gotten a deal.. saved a couple hundred k, and would have gotten the david-miller type forgiveness from the world and be racing the TDF again now.. but he took the hard road and wouldn’t accept the injust accusations.

    The wiki defense made this a very public trial. It was quite clear that the lab was redirecting, leaking, and withholding valueable defence data. Some hacker out following the case probably saw an opportunity and went in to get data that the lab wasn’t sharing.. bad, yes.. illegal, yes.. but ultimately justified for trying to get the correct data out there? maybe.. the lab was certainly doing some shifty things.. and apparently they won’t be held accountable.. but FL forever will for their mistakes and coverup.

    For those that didn’t follow the trial.. with all the lab mistakes aside, keep this in mind, the lab results for the synthetic T would have been thrown out in a US lab. Their criteria for + is different from LNDD.. 1 metabolite vs 2.