Andrew Hastings claims his failed drugs test resulted from borrowing a used syringe from a gym member and injecting himself with Vitamin B12


British Masters champion Andrew Hastings, banned on Thursday for taking anabolic steroids, claimed in his deposition to UK Anti-Doping that a borrowed, used syringe was to blame for his positive test.

Hastings, who rode for Richardson’s-Trek, was tested on May 30 and returned an adverse analytical finding for Metenolone and Stanozolol, the day before he won the British Masters (35-39) title.

In a decision document released by UKAD on Thursday, Hastings’ testimony revealed that he had borrowed a used syringe from a stranger at a gym in order to inject Vitamin B12 after feeling fatigued.

Hastings testified that he had returned from a training camp on February 15 feeling “very tired and run down” and on February 17, after a training session at “Monster Gym” he decided to administer a Vitamin B12 injection.

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Having bought the vitamins from an online pharmacy, Hastings had an ampoule of B12 with him at the gym. The document says Hastings also purchased syringes, needles and Alcotip pre-injection swabs off auction website eBay, but had “none left” on February 17.

Hastings reportedly told gym owner, and friend, Steve Collins and other members that he wanted to take a Vitamin B12 injection, but had no syringes. One of the persons present, says the document, checked his bag and found a used syringe.

Hastings then visually examined the syringe and could see that it had been used, but could not see any trace of blood, so concluded it had not been used intravenously.

Despite never having met the person who provided the needle, Hastings reportedly decided that he “could trust” them, based on their relationship with Mr Collins.

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Hastings claims that it didn’t occur to him that the syringe might be contaminated with prohibited substances, even though steroids are often not administered intravenously.

He asked that the anti-doping tribunal to accept “that whilst he accepts that he was at fault in using the contaminated syringe, there was no intent on his part to take performance enhancing substances.”

UKAD’s expert witnesses, however, pointed out that the presence of anabolic steroids in Hastings’s positive sample, taken on May 30, suggests he would have had to have administered the drug more recently than the February 17 date that Hastings claimed.

Professor David Cowan told the investigation that a small amount of stanozolol may still have been present in Hastings’s body more than 100 days after it was injected, but was of the opinion that it would be highly unlikely.

UKAD’s director of operations, Pat Myhill, said of the decision to ban Hastings for four years: “The message from UKAD is clear – the use of any prohibited substances in sport will not be tolerated.

“The Hastings case is the perfect example of how an individual makes choices which not only cheat himself but cheat his team mates and his opposition. That choice has resulted in a four-year ban from all sport.

“More importantly however, Hastings’ actions put him at risk of seriously damaging his health. Steroids, and steroid use, continue to be a concern for UKAD and we are seeing an increase in the number of men turning to them for performance enhancing effects but also for cosmetic reasons.

“Often these steroids are bought with no consideration for where the products come from or how they are made.

“UKAD relies on information from a wide range of sources, not only to catch those who choose consciously to go against the spirit of sport, but to also unearth the root cause of the problem – those who supply these substances.

“I would encourage anyone who has information about doping, or the supply of prohibited substances, to come forward and talk to us in confidence.”

  • Bob

    borrowed used syringe? – this a-hole should be banned for lies and/or stupidity, never mind the drugs

  • AMck

    yeah man we all just share needles down the gym its that sort of friendly gig …Aye right ! What a tube !

  • Brian Livesey

    Just another stupid junkie,the ban should be for life.Too dumb to understand the levels tested for are set high enough to rule out accidental contact…Sharing needles like a bum in a back alley.The sporting world has enough legitimate competitors,it should put the boot to these idiots,permanently.

  • Wasmopolitan

    Did the dog eat his own Syringe?

  • Roger

    How do you know he’s lying? Do you know more than what is reported in the press? Who would make up a story like that?

  • broken_vacuum

    B12 is widely known to be a pick me upper. It’s used for exhaustion a lot at least here in the States. Either way you’re right, why would anyone inject it themselves? and why would you use a used needle from someone you don’t know? how dumb can you be? his whole defense is complete nonsense.

  • You can’t fix stupid. #ThatWasStupid

  • Ben Tisdall

    What an absolutely pathetic excuse. Unless you’re a type 1 diabetic there is no place for self-administered injections of any kind. Hence the no needles policy the pro peleton adopted several years ago. Deserves at least 4 years.

  • dourscot

    The fact he has decided to lie about it makes it even worse.

    Just man up and admit guilt. Stop treating us like fools.

  • Simon Clarke

    If he had that good AIDS, or HepC I might believe him.

  • Douglas McFarland

    I call BS on this claim

  • borts

    The epitome of loser, a doping Masters racer.

  • richard

    just more proof the internet needs an upload filter!

  • King of all Steve’s.

    I was looking to post this on another forum but as I’m banned for apparently being a troll I’ll post it up here instead.

    Re/ Steroid abuse. I own a removals business which is a vocation that tends to attract brain dead Muscle Marys to work as porters as I pay them well to lift heavy stuff all day. One of my guys used to randomly boast about his steroid intake & used to say how utterly invincible he was. I say ‘used to’ as he’s now dead. Died of massive heart failure on a job which was a direct result of steroid abuse. Out of respect to his family I won’t go into further detail but the story did get some media coverage at the time.

    So if anyone wants to still go ahead and stick a needle into themselves to get an ‘advantage’ then go ahead, the 4 year ban that this dickhead cyclist got is nothing compared to what my porter paid for his stupidity. Now there’s a widow and a young son out there without a father and two parents without a son. This might be the extreme end of what PED’s do but it’s a slippy slope none the less. Those who continue to dope should take a long hard look at the collateral damage that comes after the needle comes out.

  • Kevino Daviessss


  • Kevino Daviessss

    What’s more scary cheating the system or using a used syringe! Oh and just meeting someone in a Gym who you would trust to share a needle with??

    First class idiot who has actually spent time trying to justify his failed test.

    What’s wrong with this and any sport is he should have an automatic life ban not four years…..

  • Mike Peacock

    Who would ever inject themselves anyway, and with a dirty needle? The guy is a cheat and an idiot. I don’t know which is worse.

  • ummm…

    The only reason why a lifetime ban for dopers doesn’t work is the fear of collateral damage. Or the authorities know that if they crack down on doping too much it may degrade entertainment value. I like the first reasoning.

  • J1

    Sh*t, I’ve been doing it wrong.

  • Michael

    “It wasn’t us miss, it was some other bigger boys”

    Sheesh, what a buffoon. I’d have more respect if, like the TT cyclist in the news, he came clean and admitted his doping and took it on the chin, did his ban and then possibly came back to competitive cycling clean after his ban.

    This is supposedly what he wants to happen suggesting he wants to be a Millar rather than an Armstrong – not a great start to that though if you insult everyone’s intelligence like this.

    As it is, he sounds like he’s soft in the head as well as a cheat with this excuse.

  • richard

    intravenous is in
    to a vein .,, steriods are normally injected into muscle mass! Maybe check before you disclose your own “i.q” also!

  • Tristan

    Clearly is happier to be seen as an fool rather than a cheat. What a plumb.

  • Frank Kotter

    Why would he make a comment at all? The world just wants him to go away. He is gone for 4 years anyway. Just keep your head down and maybe everyone will forget how much of a bonehead you are, son.

  • Koen Smeets

    A 4 years ban is not enough. It should be for life. There are no excuses anymore like ‘I didn’t know what I was taking’ (or this guy’s ridiculous excuse!).
    If you cheat, you should be expelled for life. You are ruining the sport for everybody else!!

  • What an idiot on all counts! For the absolute stupidity of his actions, using a shared needle, he deserves the ban. However I doubt it was Vitamin B12 anyway as stated in the comments already, the amount left in a used syringe wouldn’t be enough to be detected. Amazed he thinks this story will stand.

  • Peter Boman

    Just to set things straight. The remark “steroids are often not administered intravenously.” means that they are indeed injected, but subcutaneous (i.e “under the skin”) as opposed to intraveanous (i.e into the blood stream)

    This factual clarification does not mean that I in any way defend Mr Hastings actions or his reasoning. He’s a doper and obviously also an idiot. Being a type 1 diabetic, I inject myself with insulin subcutaneously five times a day, and I don’t even share needles with myself! Once used, they are trash.

  • Rob

    According to the UKAD decision document, he claimed a used syringe was the reason for the positive, not a used needle as stated within this article. Still a stupid excuse, but at least read the document in question before reporting on it.

  • Gazzaputt

    Sounds like a child trying to explain away loosing is homework.

    Story just gets more ridiculous and implausible the more it goes on.

    And for what? Masters title? How sad. I can understand when there is a large financial reward but dope for that???? Some people

  • Butty

    It was bunk according to the expert witness, yet this doesn’t come out in this story – which is a great omission.

  • Mike O’Hanlon


  • Butty

    Perhaps if Stuart Clarke had read the report he has given as a link to the case, he would have also highlilghted that expert opinion was that the residual of the alleged PEDS in the used syringe would not have been detectable after the 100 days elapsed from injection to sample analysis.
    Detectable amounts of PED would have had to have been injected much nearer to competition date.
    The story therefore portrays a reasonable excuse for the “mishap” by this cheat when in fact he gave an impossible reason for his failed sample.
    I hope that Stuart will edit this article to ridicule the cheat for what he is.

  • J1

    Wow, his IQ must be really high.

    “even though steroids are often not administered intravenously.”

    Come again? Thousands of people inject them everyday, you just have to skim the surface of the bodybuilding community to get an insight into it.

  • ian franklin

    If you need B12, a doctor could administer this for you under medical supervision. Otherwise B12 is available in capsule form form Holland & Barrett in every High Street. Following my tropical disease in Thailand last year I had anemia and I was prescribed B12 under medical supervision. I ride but do not race. The B12 was injected. As far as I know it is not used for being ‘tired and run down’ unless this is associated with anemia. I doubt his story very much and I think that anyone with an ounce of intelligence would not share needles. Pretty basic I think. Certainly deserves his 4 year ban. See my comment about the youngster who had EPO.

  • Richard Sheils

    Sorry Sir the dog eat my homework!

    What a stupid man!

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!

  • Boops

    I guess he didn’t get the memo about the dangers of sharing needles with strangers.

  • johngf

    UKAD should have accepted his story, then banned him for stupidity. USED syringe! (Anyway, although I don’t know enough about these things, I don’t think a used syringe would have contained enough of a dose of a PED to be detectable, hence his story is likely bunk)

  • Paul Jakma

    The scariest thing is that this suggests Hastings is aware of needle-sharing at gyms being a relatively normal thing, to give this as a plausible excuse. No doubt because, as he says, he’s done it himself.


  • CyberTonTo72

    Yea cause you need to see blood to catch something… idiot