High-end cycling retailer and bike fit company Bespoke has opened its new flagship store in Canary Wharf’s Crossrail Mall in London, with over 5,000 square feet available to show off the store’s finest products.

With three bike fit studios, featuring Bespoke’s 4D fit system and 3D motion sensoring equipment, and a mechanic’s workshop, the new shop provides pre- and after-sale support.

Bespoke bike fit machine

Bespoke bike fit machine

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And if you’re keen on adding to your fleet of bikes, Bespoke offers a range of quality machines,  wheels and accessories as well as being the world’s largest dealer of Parlee custom bikes.

Specialized S-Works

Specialized S-Works

Bike displays, wheel displays and walls of clothing should be enough to whet your appetite, even if you’re not in the market to buy anything.

Based on Level Minus Two of the new Crossrail Mall, designed by architect Norman Foster, Bespoke’s new flagship store is designed to compliment its original location in Farringdon, which opened in 2007, as well as its Jermyn Street store in Central London.


  • Jass Herten

    Customer service is somewhat lacking. Nike mechanic at jermyn street has a small reputation for expensive mistakes. Post purchase care is poor. Chase the cash not the reputation. Canary Wharf seems the perfect new location.

  • The Boulder Cartel

    well done Barry

  • I’m not sure I understand what looks ridiculous about it? Not the bike for you, I guess!

  • PJ

    A bit deceptive maybe, but not very. And display bike or not, it still looks ridiculous.

  • That’s not actually a customers bike, it’s a display bike. You can also see that it’s been photographed at an angle, so the perspective is a bit deceptive…

  • PJ

    “Three bike fit studios, featuring Bespoke’s 4D fit system and 3D motion sensoring equipment”. Um Yes. Do this and end up with something like the red monstrosity in the bottm pic, with its bars higher than its saddle. What more could any cyclist possibly want?