Sir Bradley Wiggins clocks a winning time of 19-15 in his local time trial, winning by nearly 40 seconds from his nearest rival

Imagine you turn up to a 10mi time trial and you see a chap riding a state-of-the-art Pinarello in a full Team Wiggins skinsuit with rainbow stripes round the sleeves.

It’s either an exceptionally keen amateur, or the man himself. On Tuesday night it was the latter as Sir Bradley Wiggins turned up to the D10/1 event in Bickerstaffe, much to the amazement of the regulars.

The 2014 world time trial champion clocked a pretty decent time on the 10mi course, recording 19-15, according to the handwritten results sheet.

A screenshot of the results from Twitter user @KevCawley shows that Wiggins was 39 seconds faster than second place rider Phil Williams from Liverpool Phoenix.

Wiggins is training towards attempting to win his fifth Olympic gold medal at Rio 2016, where he is likely to form part of the team pursuit squad taken to Brazil.

  • Chuck6421

    Maybe he was road testing some new kit, or setup?

  • Chuck6421

    Maybe he was road testing some new kit, or setup?

  • Hew CW! Since when have club event results been posted on the CTT website? Do you guys actually know anything?

  • O Beecy Clett

    Look at that start line. That is a proper club event. It even has a naked bloke at the back.

  • Liam Taylor

    Isn’t it his old TT bike from Sky in 2015? He still had the same bike (same colours, rainbow disc) at California this year as he had ridden last year.

  • skelto99

    This is why I love cycling so much – it’s equivalent to having a kick about with Messi, something that would never happen in the soccer world. Fantastic memories for all those out on the night.

  • Sam Hocking

    Phil Williams kit is proably on a par with Wiggin’s anyway. No rider, pro or otherwise should ever turn up to a local TT not to try and win.

  • Mike Padfield

    I agree, he was actually relatively slow for a ‘pro’. Maybe it was a recovery ride?!

  • Gavin Cook

    I wouldn’t call a 40 second advantage over an amateur , smashing it! If I was 40 seconds off his pace I’d be very pleased!!

  • fenix

    Presumably he’s doing it for training. So why would you turn up in Levis ?
    He is keeping it real and loads of normal people race in almost identical kit to him…

  • Robin Mainwaring

    I cannot see this as anything other than fantastic for all. Our club TT has a right old mixed bag with some on top end kit and others on ropey road bikes, but all turn up and give it a good go. If Brad turned up then I reckon it would be brilliant and, if he did manage to win (!), then I don’t think anyone would feel offended or belittled. He is a pro rider which means he needs to get his prep right, trying different setups/power levels/nutrition, etc., and I figure doing a combination of training and competition (however local) would be the perfect mix. Practice makes perfect, go Wiggo!

  • Rob G

    Yea, it was closer than I’d have thought. Can you imagine the uproar if a local amateur had beaten him!! 😀

  • Daniel Thorogood

    It’s not that unusual for pro cyclists to ride club TTs. I think that’s the beauty of them and CTT in general, something everyone can do (as long as you’re a member of a CTT affiliated club 😉 ) and something the pros have the utmost respect for.

  • Daniel Thorogood

    I’m not so sure. Aero kit’s worth a minute or so over a ten.

  • Tim Phillips

    Yeah it does look a bit over-serious 🙂 but then I think it would be odd if he did anything else as well.. and yep I’d be in the line to say hi as well!

  • Rob G

    Maybe some TT’s but look at the photo on this page.

  • Rob G

    Can’t argue with that (sponsorship obligations) but I wasnt being literal about the Levis. I just think that he turned up dressed for a strong contest and its pretty obvious it wasn’t going to be. I think dressing in a way that makes you look above everyone else is disrespectful. Saying all that, if he turned up like that to our club TT, I’d still get his autograph 🙂

  • Darren Garvie

    He is keeping it real most of the guys that do TTs are in full aero bikes and gear. Natural of TTs 🙂 I myself only have a road bike and do TTs to see if I’m getting any better at cycling.

  • Darren Garvie

    Good to see a pro encourage a local TT and cyclists. I’m surprised by only 39 seconds faster thought it would have been more.

  • Tyla Loftus

    think you mean pinarello not cervelo

  • Tim Phillips

    Yes he could, but that would breach his sponsorship agreements, plus be kind of disrespectful to the other riders no?

  • Rob G

    Sorry, but he turns up in all his aero gear, including helmet and visor, for a local TT and (unsurprisingly) smashes it. He could have done it in a pair of Levis and still beat everyone. Come on Brad. Keep it real.

  • Jonathan Simmen

    Sorry to be a pedant, but he was on his Team Wiggins Bolide, not a Cervelo.