Sports channel British Eurosport reports significant increase in number of viewers for key races, including the Tour de France, Vuelta a España, RideLondon and the Classics

The number of people watching British Eurosport’s coverage of cycling events during 2015 increased by 15 per cent over 2014 figures, the specialist sports broadcaster announced on Thursday.

Viewing figures for the Classics and Grand Tours had all markedly increased in comparison to the same events 12 months previously, with the final stage of the Tour de France viewed by 221,000 people making it the most-watched cycling event on the channel for over a decade.

In total, Tour de France viewing figures were up 12 per cent, Giro d’Italia up nine per cent and the Vuelta a España increasing an astonishing 30 per cent to a figure only just below that for the Tour.

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One of the largest single-day increases was for the British RideLondon-Surrey Classic, whose audience rose 378 per cent. Paris-Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders also grew by a wide margin, increasing 33 and 40 per cent.

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“Eurosport has an unrivalled heritage in cycling and cycling remains at the heart of what we do,”  commented British Eurosport managing director David Kerr.

“We have covered nearly 50 road cycling events live so far this season, as well as delayed coverage of many other events, including cyclo-cross and track cycling.

“The spring Classics were a huge success and viewing figures all three Grand Tours increased in 2015, with enhanced production and expert analysis contributing to the increase.”

  • ian franklin

    God alone knows how Carlton ‘Smarmy’ Kirby ended up with this job. He knows nowt. But the shame for us in Thailand is that it is extraordinary difficult to get Europsort. Eurosport Asia should sort this mess out. Currenly ignoring every email and so on. Last year I installed GMMZ TV because they had Eurosport. After a year they pulled it.

  • David Bassett

    Shame he has no knowledge of the sport of cycling though. His gaffs at the worlds up to now have been unforgivable for someone who has been doing it so long. You could hear Brian Smith cringe with some of his comments.

  • David Bassett

    Just caught the last bit of the woman’s road race on the red button . Simon Brotherton and Chris Boardman were excellent. I can now delete the recording of Eurosport and not cringe at Carlton Kirby “for goodness sake”.
    I agree the Vuelta with Ned Boulting and David Miller was brilliant Ned just gets better and better, and David Millers input was second to none.

  • trummy

    ITV cycle coverage for the tour and the Vuelta is some of the best sports coverage on the box- by far

  • Barry Bacon

    Carlton Kirkby is pure class. ….love the coverage and It’s certainly entertaining. ……man hugs all round

  • SteelFrame

    David Millar and Ned Boulting were good on the Daupiné and Vuelta for ITV.

    I can’t stand Phil and Paul. Listening to them is like listening to a remix of every other Tour de France they’ve done.

    I think of Carlton Kriby as the Count Arthur Strong of cycling commentary.

  • SteelFrame

    I’d still be cautious and only subscribe for a month to check it works for you!

  • J1

    ITV commentary sends me to sleep. A lot of the time there’s not a great deal to talk about during bike racing, at least Carlton and the many good co-commentators he works with provide a bit of personality and banter.
    I do get what your saying about the other side of his commentary though.

    Rob Hatch and Declan Quigley cover quite a few of the races too, they’re not bad.

  • J1

    Ah that’s good news, didn’t realise they’re using HTML5 now, I’d given up on it as it just wasn’t working properly, yet I still had to pay for it.

  • Michael

    Me. Screaming nonsense. Unintelligent. Smug. They have so many other good commentators, why do they drive people away. Home of cycling?

  • David Bassett

    How many have switched to ITV because they can’t stand listening to Carlton Kirby
    moaning about the height of curbstones how difficult it is to get round roundabouts
    street furniture anything with an engine FOR GOODNESS SAKE.

  • SteelFrame

    Eurosport’s online player has recently ditched Microsoft Silverlight for HTML5, which means that it now plays smoothly on my computer with minimal CPU usage!