Thieves struck at the team's hotel near Paris, breaking into the van and taking the already-boxed bikes worth £20,000

Earlier, we reported how the Danish squad Cult Energy had to abandon Haut Var when thieves broke into their truck and stole all 36 of its Ridley race bikes.

Well, it turns out the road riders weren’t the only ones targeted by thieves at the weekend, with the Chinese national track squad seeing their bikes stolen near Paris.

The bikes, reportedly worth around £20,000, were taken from a van at the team’s hotel overnight on Sunday. The bikes were boxed up in preparation for the flight home when the thieves struck.

“We will have to see if the CCYV camera images are clear enough,” a police source said. According to AFP the back door to the van had been forced.

China finished in seventh place on the medals table, with one gold and a bronze in the women’s team sprint and individual sprint respectively. The team took 21 riders to Paris, where the French and Australians stole the show, coming away with nine gold medals between them.

  • Julian Dean

    You could have used a currency converter by now.

  • Roger

    This is a UK mag. We dont have $ here. How much is $200 in real money?

  • Adam Beevers

    A mate of my Dad’s kept on having his tools nicked from his car repair garage. He bought a massive rotweiler that’s as big as a bear. Surprisingly, he’s not had a problem since.

    Message to the teams – Adopt a big dog as your team mascott.

  • Julian Dean

    But it’s been going on FOREVER. One team on the weekend at Tour de Haut Var got 34 bikes and ALL their parts and tools ripped off. It happens a few times per year. Can no-one come up with a solution? I have – for $200. Duhhhhh.

  • Brendan Power

    Easy to be wise after the event, of course, but why on earth wasn’t the van alarmed? I’m talking here about the Cult Eneergy team – the Chinese loss will be covered by their government.

  • Julian Dean

    Don’t they have the brains to rig a simple alarm? Heck I have a $200 one in my driveway – an Optex Wireless 2000.

  • James Cooper

    Damn those Plasticine padlocks!

  • Ols

    They’ll be waiting an awfully long time for CCYV footage to help them find them. What is this? The Telegraph?