Out of date satellite navigation systems at the London Ambulance Service meant drivers couldn't find the velodrome in the Olympic Park

A 60-year-old cyclist died after a track session at the LeeValley velodrome because ambulances were unable to find the Olympic Park.

According to the Standard, the man collapsed in the changing room, suffering a cardiac arrest, but the first of two emergency vehicles sent to the scene arrived 27 minutes after the 999 call.

The NHS target for response is eight minutes, but the London Ambulance Service says the vehicles’ satellite navigation had not been updated with the new roads built in the Olympic Park.

The LAS report said: “The access to E20 Olympic Park (in particular the velodrome) is difficult, especially for crews not used to the area.

“LAS sat-navs are updated on a regular basis but may not keep up with the pace of property development and are reliant on individual postcodes being registered in a timely fashion.”

The cyclist was reportedly taken to the Barts Heart Centre in Smithfield, but was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Dr Fenella Wrigley, medical director at London Ambulance Service, said: “We responded to reports of a patient with chest pain at Lee Valley VeloPark last August. We are very sorry for the delay in reaching the patient.

“Following this incident, we have looked into the circumstances around the delay and have taken steps to improve knowledge of the area to minimise future risk.

“All of our staff have been made aware of the changes to road networks in the area. In addition, our response mapping books and a number of our systems now detail the surrounding area.”

Details of the incident were disclosed in the LAS annual review this week.

  • Peter K

    Out of interest, was there any emergency aid or even a defibrillator at the olympic velodrome?

  • J1

    The politicians are pushing for healthcare to become private, less work for the government that way. Same with a lot of public services.

  • Namothy

    The access roads have not been changed. What has changed is an unnecessary and ideologically driven, massive slash in spending on public services.

  • Bungle2010

    The park has been changed a lot since then. Hence the probable issue.

  • llos25

    Very sad .

  • Liz Miller

    They only held an Olympic Games there in 2012. Thank goodness no one needed an ambulance then. Disgraceful.

  • Two words. Google Maps.