A London commuter is filmed riding through six red lights in the evening rush hour, but his antics don't get him very far

A common gripe of law-abiding riders are those riders who jump red lights and giving cyclists a bad name. One rider in London recorded a fellow commuter scooting through six of them in the space of a matter of minutes on Tuesday evening.

The cyclist uploaded the footage to YouTube showing the rider travelling along Maida Vale towards the Kilburn High Road in North London. While the rider filming waited at the lights, the impatient rider just continues to pedal on through them.

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But the fact that he was able to catch up with the fellow just shows what a pointless act it was to jump the lights, with the video starting with a little message reading: “Dear fellow cyclist, is it really that difficult to wait at a red light?

“You managed to jump six red lights, but yet I still managed to keep up with you while I waited at those red lights. In future, maybe just wait and not risk your life?”

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On one jump the rider almost collides with another cyclist, while on some of the others he waits for a few seconds ahead of the lights before continuing his way before the lights change to green.

  • Scott ABC

    All those defending the cyclist now have a new nickname – moron.
    Almost everyday when walking my son to school we have to dodge cyclists going through red lights when it’s the green man and it’s a miracle no kid has been injured.
    Today I shouted after a guy to obey the road law and his response was a simple “f*ck off”, in front of children as well.
    So any cyclists reading this who think it’s ok, be warned, if you do this in front of me you’ll be chewing tarmac.
    My kids have the right to cross the road safely as dictated by both the traffic signals and THE LAW.
    and no I don’t drive, that’s why I’m walking every day.

  • John Westwell

    Apparently laws don’t apply to some cyclists. Who knew?

  • Phil

    No. Not the “onlooker” but the person who films it and makes the film public. Tale-telling is not particularly pleasant when small children do it. When adults do it it is odious.

  • Lopekal

    I bet your expectation is sorely disappointed on a regular basis when others don’t live up to it?

  • Lopekal

    I don’t feel he puts “us” in a bad light any more than most motorists feel that drunk drivers put “them” in a bad light.

    Why do you feel the actions of a stranger reflect on you personally in any way, shape or form, or why everyone who uses a particular form of transport should accept “collective responsibility”.

    I find that peculiar, and even more so that you readily accept it as ‘normal’

  • I too use ‘proportional risk’ at every junction. Except those with traffic lights when I simply obey the law and expect others around me to too.

  • Nothing wrong except of course he’s breaking the law.

  • GT640rox

    This is a fine example of someone with nothing better to do with their lives. He jumped the lights, yes, but he also waited until it was safe to do so. Nothing wrong with this.


    Well im a firm believer in crossing junctions when its 100% safe to do so, and not when the lights are green. I find in citys with very few cycle lanes its actually safer to establish your place on the road before the traffic behind you. But pet peave number one is when your clearly a faster cyclist than somebody and you keep getting jumped by them at lights. Makes for very awkward overtakes

  • RS

    He doesn’t put “us” in a bad light.

  • RS

    I don’t judge drivers for their transgressions. If it were a video of a driver breaking the speed limit I would find it equally pointless.

  • Mantaray

    Why run red lights. As a cyclist it is selfish and pisses off every driver out there. Cyclists will never get mutual respect on the roads if they continue to flout the laws as it suits them

  • Ben Crossley

    maybe, but when has grammar or spelling been life threatening and at least I know the difference between red and green so while im learning grammar maybe you could fill out your organ donor card you undelivered postal order

  • “a cyclist that assesses each junction and takes proportional risks in jumping the lights” …… your very words. The last three of which are key. Yes, cars mounting kerbs, buses hitting people daily are valid points but they should be policed by the relative bodies. We as cyclists however, on a cycling forum should judge this cyclist for what he is – a law-breaker who puts us in a bad light. the only part of your response I can agree with is that yes, he is far from the worse culprit.

  • Lopekal

    You should pull out a book on spelling and grammar to read each time you stop at the lights.

  • Lopekal

    I have seen elsewhere that people have said “its not about proportional risk”, when actually it is.

    The cyclist didnt blast through each of the lights irrespective of pedestrians or other cyclists, as you will find happening at any junction elsewhere in London.

    If the cyclist did, you then have to account for the amount of kinetic energy they would transfer in a collision: magnitudes lower than if a car, hgv or bus did.

    So, if the proportional risk for jumping those red lights was low, what is all the bru-ha about? Its about a sanctimonious cyclist who films everything then uploads to generate revenue from it, all the while banging on about the moral indignation of it.

    Its about pissing his pants over a small infraction while there are much worse things going on: Buses in London kill just over 1 person per day and injure in excess of 3000 per year, yet very little is done about it.

    Pollution causes around 4000 premature deaths in London alone, but a cyclist riding through a red light is so much more important.

    In the UK, there are over 350 killed, or seriously injured from vehicles mounting the pavement.

    Police estimates are that around 30% of drivers are unlicenced and/or uninsured, and there are around 10,000 drivers in the UK with over 12 points on their licence but continue to claim financial hardship if they had it revoked but continue to keep accruing points.

    But no, lets get all hot under the collar about a cyclist that assesses each junction and takes proportional risks in jumping the lights because that is just so much more important.

  • Lopekal

    In the UK, when you are in a public place, you have “no reasonable expectation of privacy”.

  • Ben Crossley

    what dyu mean so what! every cyclist does it, don’t talk like a set of a twats, im a cyclist and obey the rules of the road, red is red and means stop, if you don’t ur breaking the law simple, dyu think the council puts lights up for a giggle, its to smooth out the horrendous traffic and keep it flowing, aswell as allowing other road users to make turns at junctions safely, cant wait for you knobs to get squashed at the lights and a bus driver says “well everyone drives through red lights”

  • ivorf

    Speaking as a pedestrian, cyclist and driver. I totally agree with you about the “tribalist attitude”. That said, what I wrote was intended as a critcism of only one group, namely those who fail to show consideration for others, whatever their mode of transport.

  • disqus_neRf9lsI2P

    I am with Andy Mac on this one. He is breaking the law. It doesn’t matter if cyclists can “get away with it”, they shouldn’t do it. This behaviour and the arrogance demonstrated by most of the commenters on this thread is part of the reason why some drivers are so anti-cyclist. I doubt so many of you would be commenting like this if it was a video of a driver breaking the law. It works both ways and if you want to judge drivers for their transgressions then you need to stick to the rules of the road yourself.

  • Can’t believe some of the comments here ………. the guy is breaking the law, causing a hazard and giving us all a bad name. It’s not rocket science. I think some of the commentators here think because he ‘looks like’ a proper cyclist and it ‘looks like’ a decent bike he can get away with it. I drive all over, I ride all over and I regularly walk around London. This guy is in the category “buffoon of the highest order” whichever activity I am performing. Gobsmacked really.

  • Lopekal

    There are inconsiderate people everywhere, some drive cars, some ride bikes.

    Perpetuating this tribalist attitude is nonsense.

  • Lopekal

    Because he has monetised it so gets cash for every view, feels incredibly self righteous to acts pious in his replies to people who have said “so what?”, and frankly is another of the cyclecam dickheads.

  • John Westwell

    No, it’s against the law to ride through red lights.

  • Nico van Tonder

    It is probably against the law to upload that video.

  • ivorf

    Er, … quick reality check: if you did this when driving a car, your
    next public appearance would most likely be in the magistrate’s court,
    where you would be fined and, quite possibly, banned from driving for
    six months. – The traffic regulations are not optional, and those bike
    users who ignore them only give fuel to the anti-cyclling lobby who
    would like nothing more than to put licence plates on bikes, tax them
    and make third-party insurance compulsory.

  • ivorf

    Risking his own life is his own business, but what about if a bus coming the other way at the intersection had to swerve to avoid him and in so doing went out of control and took out a couple of pedestrians? The POB (= person on a bike, I wouldn’t call him a cyclist) has no right to risk the lives of others to save himself the inconvenience of waiting at a light. We are quick to criticise bad drivers – quite rightly, but we need to admit that there are also some very thoughtless POBs out there.

  • Rangjan

    The video is disappointing because (contrary to the initial promise) the cyclist did not appear to be risking his life at all. He was proceeding very cautiously, which might be one of the reasons the camera cyclist caught up with him. Perhaps he was also having a more relaxed and enjoyable ride. I wonder if it was stressful for the camera cyclist to chase after him between traffic lights in that way? I probably could have cycled slower than the camera cyclist and caught up with him at every light. So what? Well it tells us more about the way the lights are phased than anything else.

  • Phil Hall

    More sanctimonious rubbish from the self-appointed guardians of the road.. As if cycling on the UK’s roads wasn’t awful enough we now have to put up with camera totting vigilante cyclists. This type of behaviour merely feeds the cycling hating trolls. Bravo that man.

  • J1

    That’s not news.

  • SeanMcCuen


  • Ja Son

    big deal.there was nothing wrong with his cycling at all.

  • spenny tungate


  • Stevie

    On the video recently posted on CW the driver was in the wrong because he passed to close and was filmed, published and ridiculed for it. Yet when a cyclist is the one breaking the law its all fine? You even go as far as to poke fun at the cyclist filming it.


  • EB

    Or if they’re can’t be action there needs at least to be a better script. A twist an the end perhaps. Maybe it turns out the cameraman has autism. Maybe their grandfather invented the traffic light and they can’t abide by people insulting grand papa. No action. No script. This should never have been shot.

  • Ali89

    “The audience wants action. And seats with beverage cup holders … but mostly action”

  • Derek Biggerstaff

    Motorists don’t tend to advocate slavish obedience of the letter of the law when it comes to speed limits. They just get annoyed by us getting away with something that they can’t.

  • hailpantani

    Suddenly the onlooker who is breaking no laws is the person in the wrong? Ridiculous.

  • EB

    I think this says a lot more about the person with the camera than it does about the other cyclist. Perhaps they should get a job as a traffic warden. I wouldn’t act like that, but it’s not like he sailed straight through the lights, which is what I was expecting to see.

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    1 min 35 seconds of my life that I’ll never get back…

  • Guy

    So what? Cyclists are doing this kind of thing all the time, as are motorists. I’m not sure why the cameraman felt the need to film it or publish it.