Victoria Lebrec collided with a skip lorry in December and was saved by London's Air Ambulance, but says Boris Johnson hasn't delivered on promises

A cyclist who lost a leg after being run over by a skip lorry in London has criticised Mayor Boris Johnson for not delivering on his plans to make cycling safer.

Victoria Lebrec, 24, says she is lucky to be alive after London Air Ambulance doctors performed a life-saving procedure at the side of the road to stop the bleeding.

Ms Lebrec’s left leg was later amputated, one of six operations she underwent at the Royal London hospital, and she admitted she never felt safe on her bike in the capital.

“I think he [Boris Johnson] hasn’t really delivered on what he said he would do,” she told Ross Lydall of the Evening Standard. “I think at the moment, it’s not safe to cycle.

“I have always been really cautious when cycling. You have got buses overtaking you, and taxis, but I have never felt that this would happen to me.

“It’s dangerous. You have to be really careful. I was always looking behind me. It isn’t safe.”

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Ms Lebrec was cycling between Mile End and Farringdon on December 8 when she collided with the lorry on Clerkenwell Road.

London Air Ambulance paramedics were on the scene in five minutes to save Ms Lebrec’s life, although the French-born creative account manager says she is still trying to get over the loss of her leg.

“I’m quite emotional at the moment,” she said. “Losing a leg is quite a big deal, and I’m still trying to get over that. But apart from that, it’s all going well.”

Source: Evening Standard

  • Mass Independent

    Bright flashing lights cost almost nothing now, so I have so many on my bike now that I look like a UFO that has landed. A pickup truck driver even slowed down to compliment me on my visibility from his window!

    I may not look fashionable, but at 64 years old, a hit would be disastrous. But I want to ride, so I wear bright colors and bright lights. Every rider can and should.

  • Roger

    Awash with cyclists’ blood, more like. Anyway, your argument is ridiculous. There are a lot of school children in Greater London. Suppose 12 of them had been killed accidentally by their teachers in 2014. Would you downplay that too? So why do you feel the need to do so in the case of cyclists?

  • ouestlapiscine

    n August 2010, Cambridgeshire County Council
    announced the reduction of the road’s speed limit from NSL (60 mph) to
    50 mph in areas where concern was raised over the safety of traffic.
    So stop doing 60mph on Ermine Street !

  • Don Shipp

    Is that anything to do with what happened here?

  • Henrdry251

    All road users should err on the side of caution. I do agree some cyclists ride dangerously without proper lighting or equipment for conditions that require better preparation/care. Unfortunately it brings about a bad name to the rest of us, who put this at the foremost priority before heading out on dull, slippy, wet days as you pointed out.

  • rkrkrk

    You don’t need a man with a red flag. You need to use your brain. You are driving the motor vehicle; you are creating the hazard. If 60 mph is too fast for the conditions, slow down. It’s people’s lives you are playing with.

  • Don Shipp

    Nothing can be made totally safe. In 2014 there were 12 cycling fatalities in Greater London, which is a very large area indeed and awash with cyclists. The risk to each cyclist is really very small.