Been involved in a near-miss with a driver in London? You can now share your footage online


Not a week passes by without one incident of a near-miss involving a cyclist and a car in London, with footage usually shared on the internet to alert people of the event.

Now, the Metropolitan Police has widened its net to allow cyclists to upload footage they have of such incidences to their website, or report what went on, giving details and a location.

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Footage usually comes from a helmet camera, a video-recording device mounted on the bike, or a dash cam in a car.

Reported happenings that you can report vary: a close miss, or dangerous driving, is the obvious one, but people can also tell the police about drivers using their mobile phones, abusive language or behaviour that is deemed offensive or threatening – such as this case in June 2015 when a driver said that he would break a cyclist’s neck in Richmond Park.

West Midlands Police suggested in September that prosecuting drivers was the most efficient and effective way of improving a driver’s awareness of cyclists and their potential vulnerable presence on the road.