The parents of Sophie Lindley, 4, were told by a police officer in Grantham that she wasn't allowed to ride on the pavement

The parents of a four-year-old girl, who was told by police that she couldn’t ride her bike on the pavement, have described the officer’s reasoning as ‘daft’.

Sophie Lindley was riding on Trent Road in Grantham when the police officer warned her parents that she would have to get off her bike.

Cycling charity CTC points out that being under the age of 10 the girl is below the criminal age of responsibility, meaning she can indeed cycle on the pavement.

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Sophie’s father, Dale, told the BBC: “We stopped to look at some ducks when the officer pulled over and said she had to get off,” he said. “He said ‘The law is the law’ and she was not allowed to ride on the path.

“He said ‘If I catch you put her on her bike further up the road I will turn around and confiscate the bike’.

“I couldn’t believe it. It’s daft.”

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Lincolnshire Police apologised and said: “Safety is our priority and cycling on the pavement is illegal.

“However, common sense obviously prevails and in the case of young children officers should use their discretion and offer the most appropriate advice for the circumstances.”

  • trummy red

    Wish the police were more vigilant in policing car parking across cycleway/pavements. The widening of our pavement to facilitate the inclusion of a cycle way now means cars park off the roadway, across the path, completely blocking it! The police drive up and down the road with out batting an eyelid but cyclists and pedestrians have to take to the road to circumnavigate the parked obstacles.

  • Graham

    Having cycled the entire length of Lincolnshire recently, I’m terrified at this officer’s attitude. I spent a total of 6 hours dealing with big lorries, entitled 4x4s and the odd bit of farm machinery trying to cram itself through a village.

  • NitroFan

    Sorry you are of course correct, I just dont know what came over me!

  • Namothy

    If this was America she would have been shot 12 times because “she went for the poor officer’s gun”.

  • Stu

    Officer Dipshit Dibble

  • Peter Ward

    Our police: always focusing on the most important criminal activities to keep us safe and feeling safe….

    If “the law’s the law”, I hope cyclists going the wrong way down one-way streets, jumping red lights, going over pedestrian crossings when people are crossing, cycling on the wrong side of the road, etc, etc, will get the same treatment. But perhaps not, since they’ve over 4 years old and therefore more scary.

  • Cliff Matthews

    This happens in many parts of the country. Here in Ipswich we’ve had similar interventions by PCSO’s. Sometimes a bluff like this is worth calling.

  • fhfg

    Don’t be daft. She was breaking the law. They should have arrested her.

  • Gordon Badcock

    Over here in Germany children under 12 should cycle on the roads and are told to ride on pavements – in cases where there are no cycle paths. Clearly UK police appear to prefer children under cars.

  • TG

    Let’s get those kids on the roads with the HGV’s!!

  • Mark Jones

    This helps to restore your faith in our police service and reassuring that those we entrust with our safety have so much common sense.

  • Riggah

    I remember being stopped by a beat copper while riding my bike on a deserted footpath when I was about 6 years old. Yes, a beat copper. It was a long time ago!

  • NitroFan

    Good to see the Police service getting tough on crime and the causes of crime.