Non-selection of two British teams the biggest talking point of the race's team announcement.

JLT-Condor and Raleigh-GAC have expressed their disappointment in having not been selected for this May’s inaugural Tour de Yorkshire.

Sixteen teams will compete in the three-day event [May 1-3], including the domestic Madison-Genesis, NFTO, One Pro Cycling and Wiggins squads.

JLT won 10 UCI-ranked events in 2014 – more than the other British squads combined, albeit in its Rapha Condor guise – while Raleigh won two stages of the 2013 Tour of Normandy.

“I feel it’s a smack in the face,” said JLT-Condor team manager John Herety.

“We’re a team which aims to develop young British riders, and riding the Tour de Yorkshire would have given us a greater profile that we could have put towards attracting and developing even more of them.

“This won’t help our cause; why would young riders sign for us if we can’t get in the Tour de Yorkshire?”

Furthermore, Herety also pointed out his squad’s links to the region in which the race will take place.

“We’ve got three Yorkshiremen in our team: a double Olympic champion in Ed Clancy, as well as Tom Moses and Graham Briggs. The latter two both won UCI-ranked races in 2014, and the third stage of the race goes right past Tom’s front door in Keighley.”

Raleigh-GAC’s Cherie Pridham told Cycling Weekly: “It’s a decision that’s out of my control; unfortunately I didn’t have a say in it.

“Everybody in the team was hoping that we would get selected, but that’s bike racing. We’ll try and find another event to compete in.”


  • Kevino Daviessss

    And we will wonder why in twelve months time teams like JLT and Raleigh won’t exist as sponsors will become disillusioned with the sport?

    Travesty and one Mr Cookson would be better sorting out to make the sport stronger for local teams in National races, rather than being interviewed about LA riding around France!

  • Steven Nicholson

    you can tell the Tour de Yorkshire is an ASO event, Cofidis + Europcar who i can’t ever remember showing anykind of interest in racing in the UK in the past (except for Grand Tour grand depart’s) get an invite ahead of 2 British teams.

  • Brendan Power

    Sad to see two new, and unproven, teams included at the expense of two strong and well established teams. Clearly selection was not on merit.

  • Mark Jones

    It’s very disappointing that these teams aren’t participating in the race. Bradley Wiggins better participate as this team is only there due to his name and will be the weakest team there with them being primarily a track team. How can we field a team of a GB riders when there will already be 8 riding for Team Wiggins? JLT Condor develop British riders and always show well in the Tour of Britain. This will disappoint a lot of British fans.