A driver in Cheshire who twice in the space a month has attempted to run off the road the same members of Port Sunlight Wheelers – and who is known to police because he already has six points on his licence – remains at large because the Crown Prosecution Service claim that none of the witnesses were able to identify him.

He’s been heard boasting about his exploits in “chippies”. The car involved is a hot-hatch, blue-coloured Renault Clio hurtling around the Chester area. One of the Port Sunlight Wheelers nearly wiped out by this guy is a police officer, Garry Doolan.

Doolan says End to End record holder, Andy Wilkinson, was involved in the second incident. Doolan says he has learned that the driver voluntarily attended a police interview, but gave a “no comment” interview. However, according to Doolan, the driver had previously told the police officer that he had “had a go” at the cyclists because they were riding four abreast – which Doolan refutes.

Doolan says this “significant statement” coupled with four witness statements from four experienced racing cyclists should have been enough to link the driver to the car.

However, Chester CPS claim they do not have the name of the driver and without a name, they cannot prosecute. “The CPS should not be playing judge and jury in this matter,” says Doolan. “The CPS should also realise that, if his reckless behaviour is not checked, this driver is in danger of going on to seriously maim or kill a cyclist.

If that happens, that blood will be on their hands.
 “As a police officer, I despair that four decent, hard-working, tax-paying members of the community can all provide detailed, expansive witness statements yet the CPS can’t be bothered to put the matter before the court.

They are, these days, only interested in supporting jobs that are guaranteed to succeed at court. They are led entirely by performance figures, but that does a dis-service to the community.”In the first incident, on Sunday, May 10, at about 11.45am, some 10 members of Port Sunlight Wheelers had left the Saighton circuit, and were making their way to a well-known cafe, The Cream Factory when a carpassed the group at an “horrendous speed with only inches to spare” – with no warning.

The driver then slammed on and reversed towards the cyclists, stopping inches from them.

All were forced to brake heavily and one of the riders, Roy Sumner, club captain, and TLI champion blew out his front tub! The driver of the Clio then gave them two fingers before wheel-spinning away!

The cyclists rang the police from the side of the road. The second incident occurred on Thursday, June 11, at about 8pm, again in the Saighton area, this time after a club 10-mile time trial. “The group included Andy Wilkinson. We were a couple of miles from the course, again riding two abreast on a wide road, when the same Renault Clio came at speed from behind us and then veered towards our group, causing a couple of us to fall off.

The driver was beeping his horn wildly. The Clio then veered into the opposite carriage-way and attempted to make off at speed. The car then veered back towards the kerb, slammed on the brakes before eventually making off.”

All the riders were left stunned, shocked.

This time they dailed 999.”To my mind, the second incident was a clear attempt by the driver of the vehicle to cause harm to some of our group and the fact that he did not was only through the grace of God,” said Doolan. “Had he hit the group at the speed he was traveling, their would almost certainly have been fatalities.”

From Doolan’s point of view, he finds it beyond belief that the CPS will not sanction a charge against this driver “for the outrageously, pre-determined dangerous manner of his driving. I understand from the Cheshire police officer that there is only one registered keeper of the vehicle and he is the only insured driver.”

“I believe, therefore, that this driver should be placed before a court for the court to make a decision.”

  • Dominique Miller

    Why don’t we all stick together and let everyone know the license number of the Clio. That way whenever we see him we can report him. Oh and keep a look out for him.

    If the police get enough reports they might just do something.

  • Arthur Franks

    Why am I not surprised. The CPS will only push certainties and for some reasio they see this as a no hoper. How can they look at all the evidence and say they do not know the driver. I wonder what their reaction would be if a vigilante group took the law into their own hands.

  • Steve Kelly

    You need a licence to have and use a gun and you need a licence to have and use a car. Why? We all accept that a gun is a dangerous weapon that requires controls and licencing. So to are cars, with cars we have a probation and then a test before we are allowed to control a car on public roads. Surely this is recognition of how dangerous a car can be and that in the wrong hands a deadly weapon. I don’t blame the police, the policy makers and politicians need to change the laws to better protect cyclists. Ridiculous excuses like “they made me cross” or “he cut me up”, and my favorite “I didn’t see the cyclist, he popped out of nowhere” should not be allowed as a defense.

  • Mike Primavesi

    Surely, this is attempted murder? If I charged at people in the street with a knife I am sure the police would take action. When are the police going to recognise that the car is potentially a murder weapon but like the knife has peaceful purposes?
    The trouble with us cyclists is that we are law abiding, tax-paying, respectable citizens. We should be more aggressive like motorcyclists have been. Then car drivers and the police would give us the same respect that they give motorcyclists who seem to operate following a different Highway Code to the rest of us.

  • Peter Wallwork

    the police are entitled to ask the owner who was driving at the time of the incident..if he says he was ..case proved.If he refuses to answer this in itself is an offense for which he might get those extra points.

    Why not a private prosecution..raise money from the club or start a fund for cyclists to contribute.. wont cost a fortune.

    Start a civil action for damages from those knocked off

  • Nigel

    It’s regrettable, to say the least, that the CPS don’t seem to want to do what they’re paid for, which is to protect members of the public from criminal harm. The driver seems to have some sort of mental problem that should surely preclude him from being in charge of a vehicle – a potentially lethal weapon in his hands. One has to wonder what his insurance company would have to say about his actions, were they made aware of them – no insurance, no driving…

    It seems to me that this situation will get worse until a cyclist (or several) are killed or injured (at which point the CPS will start finding excuses for their previous lack of action) or his actions provoke a reaction from some of his potential victims in self-defence – when the CPS would no doubt have no problem in prosecuting them…