Lizzie Armitstead may have collided with a spectator or a protruding barrier after winning stage one of the Women's Tour

Just moments after winning the first stage of the 2015 Women’s Tour in Aldeburgh, Lizzie Armitstead suffered a nasty crash metres from the finish line.

According to the Telegraph’s Tom Cary, the British Olympic silver medalist may have collided with a person or people 50-metres beyond the line and required the attention of paramedics on the scene.

BBC Suffolk, however, claim that the Boels Dolmans rider hit a protruding barrier at the side of the road, which caused her to crash.

The YouTube video below captures the moment of the incident, with a number of other riders also coming off their bikes.

Armitstead was said to have been fitted with a neck brace and given oxygen by medical staff but was seen moving her arms and hands while being treated on the tarmac.

Thirty minutes after the incident, she was taken away on a stretcher with her head in a brace.

Cary later reported that Armitstead collided with a group of photographers and Mick Bennett, Technical Director of race organiser SweetSpot.

Later reports suggest that Armitstead suffered a broke leg in the crash, which would jeopardise her hopes for world championship glory in September.

 Wiggle Honda on the Women’s Tour 2015

  • Daniel Healy

    It was clearly inexperience from Armitstead. Not even the — much faster — men get so carried away in celebrating that type of bunch finish. She pays the price by losing control and clearly veering into the group. Yet all the sentiments are directed to Armitstead and not the person who was clattered or the poor other riders who ended up on the deck as a result.

  • Dave2020

    Photo 8 in The Telegraph gallery shows how close the group is to the finish. It must be 20m at most. If there had been a couple of riders on Lizzie’s left, what are they supposed to do – slam on the brakes?! It’s ridiculous.

    Arguably, that picture gives a better view of the finish and the photographer was obviously not standing in the road! The UCI should change the rules to keep the road clear AND the same width as the finish line for at least 70m.

  • Dave2020

    You’re right Clive, as are Tom Cary and a few posts on the other thread.

    It’s shown from an even better angle in a short video clip online. Mick Bennett is standing in the middle of the road and takes four steps in trying to move the photographers out of the way. If that point at 50m had been the same width as the finish line, Lizzie would have easily recovered from the loss of balance.

    I think a formal inquiry should be mandated to investigate incidents such as this, to improve the rules. Bunch sprints are risky enough without organisers making them downright dangerous.

  • David Newman

    I hope that’s meant as a (poor) joke. If not, it demonstrates a seriously flawed psyche…

  • José Luis Sobral Valenzuela

    women can’t drive or ride.

  • Clive Shearman

    Clive Shearman
    Watched it on the TV and it looks like the photographers and the race organiser were half way across the road. Crazy when they are going at that speed. Hope they are pleased with their photographs. Sad the kid may have broken her femur !!

  • fed up

    Every one knows girls can’t do
    No handed they always fell off my chopper

  • Shan Foote

    It actually to me looks like she hit the leg of the barrier that was jutting out a little further than the rest. That was a hard hit. Hope she is ok.

  • Shan Foote

    It actually to me looks like she hit the leg of the barrier that was jutting out a little further than the rest.

  • Russell Ellis

    Looks to me like she loses control of the bike while riding no-handed and it veers off course straight into the group of press photographers at the side of the road. Ouch.