Majority of parents in London deem the capital's roads are to dangerous for their children to cycle on


London’s road are too dangerous for children to cycle on, according to the results of a survey published by the London Cycling Campaign.

The LCC survey found that 69 per cent of parents felt that the roads in their borough were either ‘dangerous’ or ‘very dangerous’ for young cyclists.

Only 23 per cent of parents polled said that they regularly cycled with their children in London.

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The survey results were published to coincide with an LCC campaign to call on London’s next mayor to commit to investing in cycling infrastructure in the capital, and make the roads safe for cyclists of all ages.

LCC’s ‘Sign for Cycling’ campaign is asking people to sign an online petition to show public support for safer cycling.

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“We want London’s next Mayor to create more safe space for cycling; enable more local journeys by bike and tackle lorry danger, to help make London’s streets safer for cycling,” says the LCC.

LCC has made a short film to support its campaign, where children from Hugh Myddleton Primary School in Islington talk about their experiences and opinions on London cycling.

The London Mayoral elections take place on May 5 2016.

You can find out more about the LCC’s Sign for Cycling campaign on its dedicated website.

  • poisonjunction

    Easily said Riggah! ‘ its the idiots that use them’, so ALL driver’s are idiot’s, that’s what you wrote – do you have a driving licence?

    Yes, there’s a need to control how the roads are used, not just when there’s a camera about or a Police Car on your bumper. You even haphazardly point to ‘culprits’, so why NO suggestions from you for achievability?

    Example’s: Introduce MENSA type test’s? . . . age wise most collisions occur to under 21’s – increase age for driving? . . . . . . 1 year driving ban on drivers using mobile phone’s[including camera evidence*], 2nd offence life ban? . . . . . . remove ‘sat nav’, radio and CD players from all motor vehicles? . . . . . fines for obstruction of cycle ways and pavement parking [including camera evidence*]? . . Increase public transport? . . . . . . . reduce ALL current speed limits by 10mph? . . . . . ban left hand drive vehicles from British roads . . . . . free travel on bus, coach, and train?

    All readers – Add a few of your own, but if serious follow through via your MP or Department of Transport, you could do something useful and even save a life or two maybe mine!

    * [again all] That means ‘YOUR’ camera evidence as well – but NOT from the drivers seat please!!

  • Riggah

    It’s not the roads that are dangerous, it’s the idiots who use them. The government is culpable in allowing just about anyone to drive a motor vehicle in any manner they wish, with little regard for the Highway Code or even the application of common sense. If they only got the stupid drivers off the roads, that would ease so much congestion!