YouTube film shot by Ducati-riding motorcyclist shows him clip cyclist, then berate him

A cyclist was seemingly knocked to the ground by a motorcyclist on The Mall in London, shown in a YouTube film shot by the Ducati-riding motorcyclist using a helmet camera.

The cyclist can be seen riding down the cycle lane, and talking on a mobile phone. The motorcyclist tries to pass between him and a line of cars to his left, and then appears to clip the cyclist’s handlebars, causing him to fall.

The motorcyclist can be heard berating the cyclist for being on the phone and at first blaming him for the incident, before (almost) apologising in the presence of a police officer.

The clip was subsequently removed by the motorcyclist, but not before others had copied the film and posted it elsewhere.

  • David silverman

    Well somebody called Alex Mitchell has filed a copyright claim. Oops!

  • Lord Moyne

    The cyclist was not doing anything illegal, also the Police woman mishandled the situation, she should have heard the cyclists testimony without the motorcyclist butting in.
    The motorcyclist should be found as he seems to have previous form for dangerous riding according to the following blog.


    Motorcycle vs cycle-ov13vnm-Ducati Dragons

    According to the Ducati Hyperstrada forum…
    The riders member name is Phantomfighter.
    he rides a Ducati Hyperstrada SP reg Ov13 VNM and also owns a Skyhook Multi.
    His name is possibly Alex Mitchell a graphic designer.
    by his own admission he may have knocked another cyclist off his bike previously and not stopped.

  • Jon

    Nobody “deserves” to be attacked by someone else’s vehicle. It only take a bit of self control to use the horn instead. This psycho rode into the cyclist deliberately and he should be removed from the road asap.

  • CityCyclist

    What is this business about “two wheels good…”?
    Leg power good (pedestrians & cyclists), anything with motors not so good.
    Motorcyclists generally, in my opinion, don’t give enough space to cyclists, and very little respect.

  • Bicycle Pete


  • Downfader

    Actually mobile riding isnt technically against the law. Can you actually cite some cases where the ride using a mobile has been involved in a cyclist crash?

  • onenessuk

    Came here ready to see yet another cyclist victim.

    The motorcyclists behaviour was unforgivable, nevertheless, so was the cyclists for being on the mobile phone which is against the law for as reason – it causes accidents.

    It’s bad enough having people ambling all over the footpath on their phones oblivious to all that’s around them, but on the road it’s totally out of order.

    These two deserve each other.

  • PaulSearle

    Rule 140 of the road code states it is illegal for any vehicle to be in a cycle lane unless unavoidable. Motorcyclists constantly ride too close to cyclists at speed because
    they are fucking twats.

  • Bill

    I don’t believe he was revving. He was releasing pressure on the throttle grip. There’s no increase in sound that revving would make. Nevertheless they were both behaving unsafely, but the fault is with the overtaking vehicle…in this case the motorcyclist, it was his job to avoid the cyclist who was riding in a straight line (as a jerk on a cell phone in traffic!) but that doesn’t excuse the motorcyclist. I drive both.

  • Crys

    There is no need to rev that abruptly, smooth and gentle clutch control would have kept the momentum going and controlled his speed. What he did was really aggressive! He should have waited until there was room to pass anyway (and should NOT have been in a cycle lane!).

  • In the long version the cyclist cycles off along what would have been a right turn immediately after the lights. Cyclists turn right from the right-hand side of the road.

  • east8

    You should have a look at the other videos posted by the Ducati rider. He has form for being a c*ck

  • Alan Tan

    I do not think that the person in the ducati deliberately revs on his motor as he passes the cyclist. the video poster is might as well just trying to find fault. all you know, he could have been loosing speed and momentum and well he is trying to overtake the bike will need a speed. Cylist o’ cyclist, ride cautiously ok!

  • David chadderton

    A cycle lane in the middle of The Mall between opposing streams of traffic! Whose lunatic idea was that Boris? The cycle lane appears to end abruptly at a pedestrian crossing. Personally, I would be cycling on the left side of the road, but preferably right off the road and on the ‘shared path’ away from all traffic. Oh, hang on, I would not ever even attempt to put my bicycle on any Greater London road within the M25 encirclement. And, the motorcyclist should not have been riding outside of the traffic lanes and on the cycle lane anyway. Fine and endorsement?

  • MikeMcCarthy

    Um, No drive on the same side of the road as the UK here. Duh…..

  • oops, I forgot.

  • Tinez

    Um, no they don’t? Not sure why you posed that as a question but they also drive on the left in Japan.

  • um… because they drive on the other side?

  • Smorg Smorg

    Wow… Never mind that the cyclist was on the phone. He was riding in the cycle lane. And the motorcyclist, being the passing party, was responsible for making sure he had enough space to safely pass rather than just trying to squeeze through. And he didn’t even apologize or show any concern for the cyclist he hit when he came to a stop, but his first (and second, and third) reaction was to blame the cyclist. What an obnoxious bully… and the policewoman was being way too passive about it!

  • MikeMcCarthy

    I live in Japan – and there is no way I’d cycle to the right of cars, cyclists here are always on the left of the road, and on the left side of cars, of course there are still accidents.

  • yenrod

    The cyclist took the total opposite reaction to what i would’ve, tho maybe that was because he was on the phone…still, its london and its totally different there compared to the rest of the country…

  • Phil Oliver

    What a spanner, ALL people on two wheels should stick together, there are already enough other twats out there. The cyclist shouldn’t have been on his phone but the motorcyclist also shouldn’t have been in the cycle lane. I have bikes & a scooter & wouldn’t dream of being such a bellend. I hope he gets prosecuted.