Peter Sagan got married and his wedding suit was spectacular


Bad news ladies, Peter Sagan is off the market – marrying his girlfriend Katarina Smolkova on Wednesday.

Sagan is never one to shy away from a bold fashion statement – including pulling off the white shorts that come with being world champion – and his wedding suit was a typically flamboyant affair.

Now, I’m not big on my Slovakian wedding fashion, and Google failed me for once in my life, but according to someone on Twitter (which never provides inaccurate information), Sagan’s garb was in fact traditional.

Sagan and his new wife have reportedly been together for a few years, with Katarina congratulating Peter at the finish line of the World Championships in September.

This time Google was not short of information on the new Mrs Sagan, with the slightly dubious informing me that she works in marketing and speaks five languages, which is useful to know. It also gives pretty much her entire professional history, if that’s the kind of thing you’re into…

Sagan will be back racing in early January at the Tour de San Luis, with the man in the rainbow stripes taking aim at the spring Classics and the Tour de France green jersey once more.


  • Vierka Neko

    here is a similar traditional outfit from 18th century Slovak portrait of a nobleman:

  • Aurelio

    This dude is just awesome!

  • Denoshi


  • Denoshi

    Yeah, he was wearing nobleman’s robe from very old historical times of SK. He
    was actually getting married under one of very old Slovakian castles
    and so he was clothed in that style. Getting their wedding photos must
    have been lots of fun :o))

  • deadlock

    It’s not exactly traditional but it certainly borrows some elements from traditional folk costumes. Slovakia’s non-Sagans simply opt for a suit 🙂

  • Dominika Rašková

    well, it is not Slovak for sure, I have seen a couple of traditional Slovak weddings.
    It is more as a traditional Russian boyar costume. An interessting choice indeed.

  • J1

    Oh lord, CW are on about Sagan’s fashion choices again.

  • Jay

    Congrats to them. Sagan is an icon and he brings fresh cycling blood to some of those pro riders that have massive egos and are uptight about the traditions of the sport.

  • disqus_OuiQVD5DpF

    His outfit is a traditional outfit worn by lower nobility in his hometown. Some in Slovakia choose to wear traditional peasant outfits for their weddings, but this (nobility outfits) is quite rare (first time I’ve heard of it).

  • Chemist.

    I don’t think his outfit was Slovak traditional garb, it looks more like Russian. Slovak one would be something like this:

  • Rebecca Linder

    The hearts of women cyclists are breaking all over the world! LOL, Congratulations to the Sagans!