The American Radioshack team has contacted the organisers of the Tour of Britain to ask for a place in the race in September, according to a CW source.

After the Radioshack team was left out of the Vuelta a Espana, their late season race programme looks rather empty, so they contacted the Tour of Britain about securing a place.

It is not known whether Lance Armstrong would be part of the team but it would seem unlikely that he will have many major racing engagements after the Tour de France.

The eight-day Tour of Britain starts in Rochdale on September 11 and works its way to London, with two difficult stages in the West Country.

One team that will definitely be on the start line is Team Sky. Organisers understand that Bradley Wiggins will be part of their line-up

  • horace odes

    Geez guys. Why so cynical about it?? Radioshack would be great for the ToB. Giving the spot to a little amateur team instead? – Thats the dumbest suggestion i’ve ever heard!

  • AJ

    Armstrong and his team came to the Tour of Ireland. They just rode in the bunch and looked at the sheep in the fields. Due to the rain he didn’t do the finishing circuit on the last stage. Fans had stood for 4 hours to see him but he couldn’t be arsed even doing 1 lap. Was he worth the entry/appearance money? You decide.

  • Ken Evans

    Lance Armstrong or God’s representative on earth ?
    I am not sure which will be the more important visitor to Britain in September,
    (that is Mr Armstrong thinks little Britain is worth of his time).

  • george

    Great ,another opportunity to Boo them can’t wait.

  • Andrew

    I think the Tour should first support the other major teams who want to come and have supported the ToB develop over the last few years. Then if there is a space for Radioshack then fine. If Armstrong turns up can not imagine it will be to win.

  • Simon

    I can’t pretend to be a fan of LA’s, not these days anyway, but there’s no doubt his name on the entry list would be a good thing for cycling in Britain and for the ToB specifically. I hope he comes!