Sorry to those who don't live in the South East, but all of the top 10 most popular Segments last year are in and around London...


If you’re KOM hunting in the south east of England, chances are you’ll find it a lot harder to get close to the top of the leaderboards with the huge numbers of cyclists on the roads of London and Surrey.

Indeed, six of the 10 most popular Strava segments in the UK in 2015 are in Surrey, with three of the other four in London.

Sorry to those who live outside the South East, the segment that rounds out the top 10 is in Sussex, which just goes to show the boom in popularity for cycling in the Home Counties.

Take a look at the ten most popular segments in the UK and let us know if you’re anywhere near the top of the leaderboards

10. Ditchling Beacon (Hassocks, East Sussex)

Attempts in 2015: 12,565

Ditchling Beacon Strava

KOM: Lars Petter Nordhaug – 3-57
QOM: Sophie Coleman – 5-26

9. Tour de Richmond Park (Richmond Park, London)

Attempts: 15,042

Richmond Park Strava

KOM: Rob Sharland – 13-57
QOM: Suzetta Guerrini – 17-26

8. 100Climbs No17 Leith Hill (Leith Hill, Surrey)

Attempts: 15,775
Leith Hill Strava

KOM: Geoffrey Soupe – 4-56
QOM: Alice L – 6-50

7. Newlands Corner from West Clandon/A246 (Guildford, Surrey)

Attempts: 17,244

Newlands corner strava

KOM: Edmund Bradbury – 3-36
QOM: Maryka Sennema

6. Broomfield Hill 4% Climb (Richmond Park, London)

Attempts: 17,409

Broomfield hill strava

KOM: Seymours Catouque – 2-01
QOM: Maryka Sennema – 2-20

5. St Leonard’s to Kingston Mini Roundabout (Thames Ditton, Surrey)

Attempts: 17,741
St Leonards strava

KOM: Steve Lampier – 2-53
QOM: Alicia Speake – 3-33

4. Coombe Lane to Abinger Hammer (Guildford, Surrey)

Attempts: 18,356
Coombe Lane strava

KOM: Felix English – 3-19
QOM: Bella L – 4-13

3. Hampton Court Drag (Hampton Court, Surrey)

Attempts: 24,886

Hampton court strava

KOM: Nigel MacAodha – 1-55
QOM: Sarah G – 2-22

2. 100Climbs No14 Box Hill (Box Hill, Surrey)

Attempts: 32,485
Box hill strava

KOM: Ian Bibby – 4-46
QOM: Ashleigh Moolman Pasio – 5-51

1. Full Sawyers Uphill (Richmond Park, London)

Attempts: 33,226
Sawyers hill strava

KOM: Gabriel Evans (ahem) – 2-29
QOM: Mathilde Pauls – 2-55

  • Phantom309

    they had ridden 130miles before ditchling btw, sorry stuart!!

  • Jonathan Seyghal

    Link’s to the segments might have been useful?

  • hatster

    As a rider in Surrey, this reminds me why I try to avoid most of these routes. Box Hill is always rammed, often quite badly ridden by many and strangely isn’t actually much of a challenge. Many of the flatter rides above are those taken up by riders who head out of London to try and find clear roads, I would guess. Richmond is the first patch of grass for many folks.

  • disqus_ob0iv3uSYE

    I don’t think any of the riders (outside of the pros here) ride sportives, Paul. Gabriel may have to, mind you.

  • Paul Tuohy

    A total non article. Hardly inclusive. Just Surrey sportive golf cyclists.

  • mrwalker

    “Sorry to those who don’t live in the South East” – I’m sorry to those who *do* live in the South East. Those roads must be wedged.

  • stuart dangerfield

    Ditchling beacon..1995 National hill climb champs..Stuart Dangerfield..3mins 20sec…Sorry guys!!

  • CyberTonTo72

    Isn’t Richmond Park a place where Londoners take their bikes for the day and just ride laps? 🙂

  • Simon

    Many of the KOM times are from pro riders, but doesn’t it just show how fast these riders are!

  • disqus_ob0iv3uSYE

    While it is a bit pointless, I think 5 of the KOM’s here are from pro races.

  • J1

    Wow, pointless.

  • karlbunyan

    I believe all of the top 5, and 7 out of the top 10, were on the Ride London route. Which seems to make the stats only minimally interesting for the relative popularity of those segments.