Banned cyclist Jonathan Tiernan-Locke claims he has turned down offers from professional teams but may race as a 'one-man band' next season

Jonathan Tiernan-Locke says he may race for himself in British races in 2016, when his two-year ban expires, having reportedly turned down offers from professional teams.

The Plymouth-based cyclist was banned after an the discovery of irregularities in his biological passport – which Tiernan-Locke puts down to a drinking session before the World Championships in 2012.

As a result, Team Sky terminated his contract and his appeal to UK Anti-Doping failed to overturn the ban.

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According to his local newspapers, One Pro Cycling were one of the teams interested in offering Tiernan-Locke a chance to resurrect his career (although One have denied this), but the Devonian says he may enter British races as a solo rider next year.

“I have talked to several teams and had some offers – some interesting and some that I might have considered at 21, but not now,” he told the Torquay Herald Express.

“There are other options. There are some very good personal sponsors prepared to help me.

“So I might do something a bit different and ride as a one-man band. I did it before, early in my career, and it worked for me then.”

He added: “I believe I can still get to the level I was before, but I may not be able to live the life of a full-time pro.”

Tiernan-Locke chose not to take an appeal against his ban to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, but has insisted throughout his ban that the testing and disciplinary process are flawed.

The Herald Express claims Tiernan-Locke will ride the two-day Totnes-Vire race in his home county next spring, but whether he’ll be alone or part of a team is yet to be decided.

  • Cliff

    What’s the relevance of whether or not you believe him? Plenty of people believed Lance Armstrong.

  • Cliff

    I agree: the interviews that they’ve done with David Millar seem more like ‘promoting’ him – especially when he had a book to sell.

  • Simon Barnes

    am not sure poor old JTL has made it easy for the public to support him during the last couple of years. I would imagine this, the BBC reported 12kg weight gain plus the recent 17 month driving ban will probably make for a difficult 2016 season….

  • Andrew Bairsto

    How do know that team — are not the real culprits .

  • Andrew Bairsto

    What rubbish.

  • Good post Sheldon. I tend to believe him too and I agree that Sky’s treatment f him was shabby to say the least.

  • JTL was not convicted of a doping offense per se. He was sent down for a Biological Passport anomaly. Not quite the same thing. There is also a set of rules in life: these enable you to do your time and then feel free to continue your life having learned your lesson (hopefully). For example: if you had a serious driving offense against you and you were banned for two years, should that ban last forever? I think not. So all I’m asking is give the guy a break. He’s had all the sh** thrown at him for the anomaly, now let him get on with his life. And if he did dope, then I hope he has learned his lesson. I also don’t think Team Sky was on the horizon for him, seems like a bit of fiction from you Freddy!

  • Freddy

    Jtl is a doper and should not be allowed back in the sport .. Did this doper really Believe team sky would take him on .. Dream on doper

  • dave

    Astana it is then.

  • lee

    Considering it’s possible to micro-dose at the protour level then anyone badmouthing JTL is a joke in themselves…

  • John Westwell

    I don’t think reporting on a news story is ‘promoting’ Tiernan-Locke. I would expect a specialist cycling magazine to report on this story, especially given the strange nature of the case against him and his defence.

  • elan

    Lance should get his chance,he is paying for everyone else.And the rule is once you have done your time you are free to compete again.The U.C.I. should abide by the rules,not make them up as they go along.

  • Keith Russell

    Would be a gamble for any team to take him on, a real PR nightmare? It seems he had his opportunity and blew it which is a shame.

  • J1

    I don’t like his face. It’s going to be a hard season without a team.

  • Sheldon

    I hope JTL comes back strong and wins some top races and has a strong season, I think the way he has been treated by SKY and cycling media has been very poor. I have followed his story and wish him well for the coming season. I remember seeing him win the Ryedale GP, he is a classy rider and like he says he has a point to prove and I think he will.
    He says he hasn’t doped and I believe him, David Millar doped and the cycling press can’t get enough of him.

  • george

    Why do you continue to promote this drug cheat?

  • Mark Jones

    I would be surprised if any team would want to take him, as he is quite a handful and his results would always be questioned if he cannot prove his results are clean. Any team that took him on would be frowned upon.