CIRC claimed Lance Armstrong and the UCI worked together to write the 'independent' Vrijman report into the American's doping in the 1999 Tour de France

US anti-doping chief Travis Tygart has said he will work with the UCI to ensure the rule violations reportedly uncovered by the Cycling Independent Reform Commission (CIRC) are fully investigated and even prosecuted.

In a statement released after CIRC released its report Tygart, who was instrumental in the downfall of Lance Armstrong, blasted the ‘independent’ report carried out by Emile Vrijman.

But the CIRC report claims Armstrong and the UCI were involved in drafting the report to protect their star rider, after Vrijman concluded tests on Armstrong’s urine in the 1999 Tour de France were conducted improperly.

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“A stunning example of deceit found by the CIRC is that the UCI, under the explicit direction of Hein Verbruggen and Pat McQuaid, commissioned a supposedly ‘independent’ investigation of Armstrong’s positive samples from the Tour de France,” read a statement from Tygart.

“According to the CIRC, the UCI then conspired to allow what was sold to the public as an ‘independent’ report to be re-written by Armstrong’s own lawyer and sports agent in order to conceal Armstrong’s doping.”

Tygart added: “USADA will work with the current UCI leadership to obtain the evidence of this sordid incident to ensure that all anti-doping rule violations related to this conduct are fully investigated and prosecuted, where possible.”

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McQuaid appeared on RTÉ Morning Ireland on Monday morning, where he admitted he had “made mistakes” during his tenure as UCI president.

He said: “I made mistakes…. I can’t tell you what they were,” but added: “I never gave any riders any particular favours.”

  • ian franklin

    The Thai Cycling Association has decided to charge ‘foreigners’ 5 x more than Thai people for their UCI licences. This is in breach of Article 3 of the UCI Constitution and of the Olympic Charter. It is a clear breach which has been acknowledges and will be acted upon by London lawyers. The UCI response, via Brian Cookson, is to say that they are not interested and it’s ‘up to the Thais to charge what they want’. True, but not if it cuts across all the articles that relate to equality. So I am sorry to report that the UCI is allowing breaches of its own regulations. It leads to a break down of trust as far as I am concerned.

  • dourscot

    In what way?

  • ian franklin

    The UCI broke the rules then and they allow the national federations to break the rules now. What has changed?