Double Olympic gold medallist Bradley Wiggins (Garmin-Slipstream) came within two seconds of his own competition record in the Kent Valley RT “10” on Saturday, but now faces disqualification for allegedly using an illegal Zipp front wheel.

Wiggins (pictured in the 2009 Giro d’Italia) – a contender for the Tour de France stage one time trial in Monaco – clocked 18 minutes dead on the L1015 Levens course in Cumbria, after being slowed by traffic at a roundabout.

He reportedly said he had been confident of clocking 17-30. He holds comp record in 17-58.

The Olympic star’s bike attracted a lot of attention, particularly the Zipp 1080 front wheel which someone judged to be outside Cycling Time Trial rules.

Keith Lawton, CTT assistant secretary, competitions and records, told CW.

“The matter is for North District to investigate.”

He said that it is for safety reasons that CTT rules call for 45 per cent of the wheel area to be open. It is considered that in side wind conditions, the bike could be become unstable.

“People say, well they use them in UCI time trials, and triathletes use them in various events, but UCI time trials aren’t on open roads. If you’ve got a big heavy rider, we wouldn’t have a problem with it, but our regulations have to cater for riders from age 12 upwards.”

Second fastest rider on Saturday was up and coming junior star Jack Green (Westmead Team 88) who clocked 20-41. Jason Bateman (Pendle Forrest CC) was third fastest in 20-45.

Bradley Wiggins Felt time trial bike

Bradley Wiggins poses for Cycling Weekly with his time trial bike when we caught up with him in Girona before the Giro d’Italia. Here his bike has a Zipp 1080 rear wheel and an 808 front wheel. He rode a 1080 front wheel in the Kent Valley ten at the weekend which could end up with him being DQ’d.

Garmin-Slipstream kitted out for Giro opener

  • chris barron.

    as vice chairman of kent valley and racing secretary i feel the beaurocrats at ctt have let you down and i feel ashamed and embarassed. to have you grace our roads is an immense honour and we welcome you back with open arms at future events. please ignore the do gooders in the technical rules department and let us see you fly again.

    chris barron.

  • bonger

    When you have alot of talent you don’t have to train that much.

  • Frank Allen

    I bet he has been training as well…..Hopefully training will soon be banned….lets hope the regulation people have taken a sample of air from his tyres (pneumatics? what are we allowing theses days) and checked that too. Seriously I do see the reasoning behind the rule and don’t wish to be scraping someone off the road in their quest for speed. I hope the situation is resolved with acknowledgment to an excellent ride. I cant do an “18” even with a motor.

  • david millar

    Personally I don’t see much of a problem with a 1080, I have used them often myself, if the wind gets strong I close my eyes and hold on for dear life. The following car then honks once for left and twice for right. Safe as houses…

  • Bonger

    I don’t think fast riders should have to stick the rules.