The Mayoral candidate told LBC's Nick Ferrari that if the new cycle infrastructure is judged to be not working then he would see it removed


Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative candidate for the London Mayoral elections in May, has spoken about the capital’s cycle superhighways and his opinions differ greatly to those of the incumbant Tory mayor.

By the time the new Mayor of London gets their hands on the keys to City Hall, five of the cycle routes – many including segregated lanes – will be completed and fully operational. The road works associated with their construction will be gone leaving only sheer weight of traffic to contribute to congestion.

LBC’s Nick Ferrari questioned Goldsmith on the cycle lanes in a radio interview on February 9. Goldsmith said that the cycleways will be judged on “impact on emergency services, the basis of traffic flow, on the basis of how many cyclists use them…”.

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Here the MP for Richmond Park mentioned quietways as an alternative for cyclists, something he has pushed previously.

He went on to say that if the new infrastructure was working then he’d feel obliged to promote it.

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At this point Ferrari cut back in with other scenarios that might lead Goldsmith to renounce the cycle superhighways.

“Perhaps the fire brigade point to a fire they weren’t able to attend, or the police couldn’t move her Majesty the Queen safely… would you rip them up?” The presenter asked.

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To which Goldsmith replied, “if the evidence showed that they didn’t work then you’d have no choice but to rip them up.

“But I hope they do work, I hope it’s a successful experiment, but we’ll see. But you have to approach this practically, not in a sort of religious manner.”

  • Paul

    A weathervane answer rather than a signpost that tells us nothing beyond Zac’s lack of opinion or vision about cycling in London.

  • Build it and they will come.

    If anything, these routes will aid emergency services; giving them a clear unobstructed path around the traffic. (as cyclists can easily get out of the way, as been shown in a video already)

  • Chad

    No one ripped up the M1 when it was basically empty for it’s first couple years of use. Change takes time.

  • avlowe

    Odd that I’ve rarely noted an emergency response vehicle having any problems with cyclists not moving out of the way or impeding progress but when it comes to motor vehicle drivers….

  • ¿The Question Mark?

    What a pillock. Goldsmith claims he has “Green” credentials, but what a
    stupid thing to say. Doesn’t work for whom exactly? Motor vehicles?
    Has he been lobbied to say this?

  • ummm…

    no he is going to paint over them with such zealous that it would be akin to him having actually pulled the asphalt off of the rock with his bear hands.

  • ReturnOfTheWazz

    You’ll rip them up, will you? What, you mean you’re going to actually tear up all the tarmac and leave massive holes all over the side of the roads? TYPICAL TORY…